Interesting Development

I need time to digest this and put my thoughts together on it – but I wanted to know what YOU think.

Israeli Rabbis Back Gay Parenting

please read the link and comment here. thanks.

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9 responses to “Interesting Development

  1. sorry, call me old fashioned but that article is too “far out” for me. while i definitely feel for religious homosexuals (esp after having watching the documentary Trembling before G-d), i don’t think it is fair for them to have children mostly b/c it’s not fair to the kids to have 2 daddies if they truly want to integrate into the religious community. unfortuntely, i am sure that the child would be ostrasized by the community & i can’t envision other religious parents being comfortable sending their kids over to this kind of household b/c most religious parents would not want to willingly expose their child to this alternative lifestyle. i know that i personally would not be comfortable sending my kids over to play with a child being raised by gay parents. i also cannot for the life of me understand why any religious woman would agree to this kind of situation-to marry when one knowingly knows that her “husband” is attracted to guys. she would need to have the lowest sense of self to subjigate herself to that kind of sham marriage.

  2. whoops, typo, i meant “having watched” not “having watching”….i really need to proofread these entries b/f clicking on the “submit comment” tab…oh well…forgive me!

  3. yeah as long as they don’t have homosexual sexual relations…so they are allowing gay men to marry women and have children with them and have a ‘relationship’ that’s non-sexual with men outside their marriage. Wow!

    And how is that any different than what was permitted before? Gay religious men have been marrying women and having kids with them and having emotional and sometimes (/usually) sexual affairs with other men on the side for thousands of years.

    The only difference I guess is that here everyone is open and honest about it.

  4. batya- what if the woman is a religious lesbian who also wants to have kids? Or an older woman who wants to have children before it’s too late and has no romantic prospect on the horizon so might otherwise just become a single parent through IVF?

  5. A marriage in which there is no physical attraction between husband and wife is not going to last most of the time. Allowing these marriages pretty much guarantees that these children will grow up with divorced parents.
    And it is very naive to assume that neither the husband nor the wife will seek a sexuasl relationship outside of the marriage.

  6. wow…while I am hesitant to comment on matters concerning a faith not my own I have to admit that I think there that there is something dishonest about such a union…and dishonesty is a sin…is it not?

  7. I agree with Abandoning Eden on this one – these unions are happening anyway, and I am pleased to hear the rabbis saying so out loud.

    Raizy, I suspect it would not be like a divorced situation. Many heterosexual women who have troubles with men find some of their best friends are gay men. Probably depends on the situation, but I would guess if both parties respect each other and are honest, it could be a good atmosphere. Just an educated guess.

  8. Forget the gay guy, how on earth is this fair to the woman he marries?

  9. If anything, the rabis should NOT be supporting these unions, but speaking out against them. That would be another way for them to be “speaking out” about them…

    Thess unions are fraudulent and no child should be brought into the world for such selfish reasons.

    And yes- what of the woman? Are you gonna tell me that a woman can honestly walk into such a relationship with eyes open and possibly be a healthy person? Her ‘husband’ will absolutely not be faithful to her, and could potentially put her health, and that of his ‘family’ at risk- a common case in this “real world” situation. PUHLEASE! This is disgusting.

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