Please tell me why?

sassywigWhile shopping today, there was a lady wearing a beautiful blond pony-tailed sheitel. It was obvious to me that she had black hair underneath as it wasn’t tucked in that well. The lady turned around. Her wig, her wig had been made with black roots showing through, much like the wig in this picture. Somebody went out and bought a blond wig with black roots showing through. What on earth could possibly be the point of that? if I wanted to go blonde (and I have been blonde on many occasions) I would rock a totally blonde wig. The beauty of a wig is to NOT have to deal with roots growing through your expensive bleach job.

Can anyone explain this to me???

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9 responses to “Please tell me why?

  1. Perhaps it gives it more of a feel of authenticity? I dunno, but it isn’t attractive…

  2. She wanted to look cheap? Just guessing…

  3. lol chanief – ppl actually intend to look cheap? its not an accident of birth? 😉

  4. mark – what a hoot!! thanks for sharing that!

  5. Lady Lock and Load

    Hadassah, was she one of the tribe? Never seen anything like this (even in heiligeh monsey). Wigs are becoming very fashionable by all kinds of people.

  6. definitely MoT….

  7. there is no accounting for taste

  8. Lady Lock and Load

    Maybe the wig needed to be dyed and she didn’t have a chance?

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