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I read Vos Iz Neias daily so I can be au fait with religious happenings in the world. I read this article today and while it’s definitely a sad tale – what the heck is wrong with the English it was supposedly written in? If it was translated from another language, fine, but edit it so it makes sense!!! The story gets lost in the painful language. Shape up!

(Gosh I am cranky today)

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2 responses to “What’s new?

  1. Portuguese to English, by a Brazilian, most likely. If I were to translate ASL (Sign Language) to English the way that Deaf people actually speak, it would make your head spin.

    Although, ASL to Hebrew would be easy, as they have the same format.

  2. you are cranky today (or yesterday….)…as poor as the English is in this article this sad story comes through loud and clear….

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