Exercise and Weight Loss Challenge

or alternatively, Win an In the Pink Mug

This started off as a challenge just for my KoD, but I want you all to feel challenged too, to change your life for the better. The KoD feels that he needs to lose some weight and get into better shape. I have refrained from agreeing or disagreeing with him. What? I am gonna tell my husband “yes you need to lose weight”?!! …. I want to live, darn it!! What I have told him repeatedly is that if he feels he needs to lose weight, instead of grumbling about it – DO something. Get to the gym, start a diet, be proactive. I, as you know, am a big walker. That’s had the kibosh put on it due to my current broken pinkie toe – but I am intending to get back into the power walking as soon as I can.

So, my darling KoD, and others who wish to take the In The Pink Challenge, here is my challenge for you.

Firstly – please post how much weight you want to lose / gain / or if you just want to maintain.

Secondly – you must choose at least one activity to help you with this weight loss – swimming, walking, going to the gym etc, and post your goals about how often you plan to do this.

Thirdly – keep track of what you are eating. I am not saying to go on a specific diet – but eating healthy and eating smart is certainly the way to go. (perhaps, my RD husband, you can give us some basic diet tips?) LiveStrong can help you keep a food and exercise diary.

Fourthly – Shabbat is your day to cheat on the diet and to not exercise. Use it wisely.

Every week I will be asking you to check in with me here on the blog, and let me know how the challenge is going. If you are a fellow blogger, please feel free to link to your blog here and write about the challenge and how you feel it’s helping you.

The Prize? The prize is feeling better about yourself, knowing you worked hard to get where you want to be. (excuse me a sec….yeah I know Trep gave away a mug, but not to me…ok Fine, push a little more why dontcha??!!)

Ahem…There will be a prize of an In The Pink mug. You, my readers, will vote for who most deserves it, once the challenge is over. That way there will be no accusations of nepotism.

Challenge will be 2 months long. Starting12.00 am EST September 1st 2009 and ending October 30th 2009 at 11.59pm EST. That gives you all a few days to get yourselves in gear.

So, who is joining us? Post below…….

ETA – I have been told this challenge is too difficult so I am suspending it…will create a new easier challenge soon.

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7 responses to “Exercise and Weight Loss Challenge

  1. ooh pick me pick me!! lol

    So i am not looking to lose or gain, just maintain. i plan to power walk at least 2 miles at least once daily. I want to swim at least twice a week.

    i also plan to try and eat 3 times a day at least and have balanced meals.

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    You mean the prize isn’t your home made chocolate chip cookies?

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    Are we allowed ketchup on the “In the Pink” challenge? It’s a vegetable ya know…

  4. Lady Lock and Load

    I told my hubby about the “In the Pink Challenge”, told him maybe he should walk with KoD sometimes…(hubby gives me this look…no way, it’s not gonna happen!) For some men, it’s just not a priority. well, I tried!

  5. A good food diary is the Food And Exercise Diary (WeightLossSoftware.Net). Might be of interest. It also has a medical diary.

  6. Surprised that this challenge is on hold; thought it was well thought out. Having Rosh Hashana in the middle might be a problem, but…I am still prepared to do it. It is, after all, just for oneself, isn’t it? Therefore we benefit from taking responsibility for our health and fitness.
    Good idea!

  7. Nice Articles … thanks for sharing

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