Seven things I love

Because it’s Wednesday and I have to desperately look for excuses not to go clean my kitchen, I have decided to this meme. G6 did it a little while ago but I decided to be my sappy self and change it to seven things I love about my KoD.

  1. I love that he is my husband and my best friend.
  2. I love how generous he is with his love, time and spirit – for ALL of us.
  3. I love that he has a wild side which he has no problem sharing with me (see the Harley posts and pictures).
  4. I love that he calls his mother often.
  5. I love that he is deeply religious and spiritual and believes in all that he does with a full heart.
  6. I love his sense of fun – he plays little tricks on me and I keep falling for them time and time and time again. Even the kids have sussed most of them out.
  7. I love that when I am in his presence he makes me feel at peace.

I would tag you, but then you would feel obligated. So tag yourself if you are so inclined.

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12 responses to “Seven things I love

  1. You can always tell how a guy will treat you by the way he treats his mother.

    It seems like you got yourself a good one 😉

    Thanks for the link. When I tag people, they never oblige. I guess this non-tagging works sort of like reverse psychology, lol…..

  2. Aww.. make the list keep growing:)

  3. i could have made the list go to 1000 but the meme was only for 7….

    maybe every week i will do 7 more reasons…

  4. I have told you this before…your KoD is very lucky…

  5. Ok, I’ll bite:

    7 Things I love about the KoD!

    1. He makes you feel happy, safe and secure.
    2. He makes the boys happy, safe and secure.
    3. He has brought you closer geographically to me.
    4. You are no longer doing it all alone.
    5. You are writing a heck of alot more, which I get to enjoy.
    6. He is a very kind and generous man.

    and ummm…. I am stuck! Well, 6 ain’t bad- eh?!

    WOW! This was a lot tougher than I thought it would be!

  6. Tom – yes he is !!! i tell him everyday lol. No, seriously, I am the lucky one.

    Z! – that really touched me….thanks girlie. we will miss you this weekend.

  7. We will miss you too. Muchos muchos Brochas and mazel and NACHOS! HUGS!

  8. Lady Lock and Load

    Is Hadassah buttering him up so she can ask him for something? I want a new kitchen floor (my hubby says we can still walk on it so it’s fine, grrrr!)

  9. Lady LnL – u trying to get me into trouble? KoD will give me everything I want and need. I dont need to butter him up. at all. And this message is for Lord Lock and Load – kitchen floor is in desparate need of replacement. remember, Lord LnL – i have secrets I can tell….cackle cackle…

  10. Lady Lock and Load

    You are the best neighbor Hadassah, LOL! While we’re at it, I need a new kitchen too!

  11. Time to write one of those really sappy romance novels where the girl gets the white knight and then they ride on his motorcycle toward the horizon, just as the sun is beginning to set.

  12. Tik – sounds good to me…

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