What do you repeat?

Sitting here listening to what I tell the kids, I wondered what is it that you feel you are a broken record over? I keep repeating

“please do not run in the house”

“leave your brother alone”

“did you wash your hands?” (i think I may even have asked the KoD that a time or too, sorry babe)

“did you put on deodorant?”

“brush your teeth, wash your face”

So what are you a nag about?

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14 responses to “What do you repeat?

  1. I nag them most about fighting with each other. Second most over cleaning up their toys and other assorted messes.

  2. QoH: My dear, I do not recall you ever nagging me to wash my hands (anyone who knows me knows that I do not need to be reminded of this); however, you may have nagged me about other things. Uh oh, I’m in trouble now!!

  3. My dear KoD, what was the term you used when I once apologized for nagging? that you didn’t see it as such, just as a gentle reminder? Hmm?

    what the heck do I nag you about? you are perfect…you close doors, you put clothes in the hamper, you can cook and clean, you just occasionally forget to open the car door for me….

  4. And I seem to remember you saying on more than one occasion that I, what was the term you used, “micromanage” in the kitchen. I look at it as trying to be helpful, especially when one considers that I do have food preparation and sanitation expertise.

  5. yeah, but i am the mama. the kitchen is my domain. i am in control when i am cooking in it. you cook, i will step away and let you do it all yourself if thats the way.

    (This dude also does dishes….this micromanaging thing is practically his only flaw…)

  6. Lady Lock and Load

    I never nag about anything….by the way, did you remember to bench????

  7. Lady Lock and Load

    My hubby has no interest in the goings on in the kitchen (either that or he values his life!)

  8. There you go again, using the “M” word. Can’t my actions in the kitchen have a positive spin. Lady Lock & Load, help me out here.

  9. OK, Lady Lock & Load, I give up. I will follow Lord Lock & Load’s lead on this and stay out of the kitchen. Happy QoH????

  10. Lady Lock and Load

    Lord Lock and Load is now listing to me the things I nag about…not true at all! (because I didn’t think I nagged about anything.) Clean your desk so I can see the top of it, I need a new kitchen, etc. etc. OHHHH! Apparently I am a bit of a nag.

    Very good KoD, you are a smart and wise king!

  11. you can be in the kitchen, so long as you are helpful, not doing the M thing. You are great company, in the kitchen and out and you make an awesome coffee. I am a control freak in the kitchen. deal with it dude. I loves you.

  12. Thank you, O wise and gracious Queen. I shall endeavor (or should I have misspelled it the English way?) to behave myself in the kitchen 😉 .

  13. a) “Stop cracking your knuckles.”
    b) “Get your feet off my pillow.” {shudder}
    c) “Turn off the lights when you leave the room.”

  14. Oh, boy, the list is endless:
    Sit up straight.
    Did you brush your teeth?
    That’s enough TV!
    Say thank you.
    Did you study for your test?
    Come here and give your mother a hug.
    Wash your hands. You did? Really? With soap?

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