It’s a Mugs Game

I posted this on my FB and Twitter pages and people were very funny but haven’t answered my serious question. I have 36 coffee mugs – how many do I really need? Bearing in mind we are merging households and the KoD already has 9 or 10. Mine do not match, his do. My humongous Krispy Kreme mugs come with, no question. So do I need the other 34?

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10 responses to “It’s a Mugs Game

  1. I’d suggest that the overwhelming number of humorous responses is unto itself the answer to your question Grasshopper.

  2. Ok, you need enough to serve coffe/tea to the largest gathering you might have in your home, keeping in mind that you might not have washed up the ones from breakfast yet. It’s a highly subjective amount. Where m= morning coffee drinkers, w= those who rinse/wash out their mugs in the morning, and g= guests you’d have to serve. So you’d need (m-w)+g mugs 🙂

  3. No, you don’t need ’em unless they have sentimental value. Get rid of ’em. (Trust me, we’ve moved enough…if they don’t mean anything to you, you can always replace them if you end up really needing more, but if the KoD has…well, ‘nuf said.)

  4. I agree with KA…keep enough for a large party of say 12-15 people. Other than that, give them to charity (or auction on here).

    Mugs are just STUFF…don’t put your heart into STUFF…when you combine houses, you’ll have enough STUFF to go though. 🙂

  5. One of my sons uses them, and we’re always running out. But we don’t have as many as you.

  6. My guess is that you tend to accumulate t-shirts too? Just a guess.

  7. Ari – nope. not a tee shirt gal. now shoes….different story…

  8. don’t need them. do you have shelf space for them? If you are entertaining 14 people with coffee you want to do those dishes or use paper????

  9. The Birth Whisperer

    Hadassah – you can always do a shalach manos coffee theme and voila – you already have the mugs:)

  10. Wow, that’s a lot of mugs. I say keep your faves (no more than five) and ditch the rest. Mugs are a dime a dozen, you can always buy new ones if you need them.

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