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7 years? 9 years?

I am doing a major paperwork cleanup today and I pose the question – how long do you need to keep stuff like bank statements etc? I have heard 2 years, 7 years, 9 years. I have also heard that because these days everything is electronic anyway you don’t need to keep a thing.

How long do you keep your bills and statements and cancelled cheques?

…and in other news the kids cannot wait to come home today and start shredding the stuff that needs to be destroyed!!

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My friend the Kosher Academic told me a while back about this YahooGroup. If you want to get rid of household items that are still usable and don’t want to fill up the landfills with unnecessary stuff, freecycle is the way to go. They have groups in almost every city. You post what item you are giving away for free (nothing can have any cost here whatsoever) and the other members of FreeCycle who want that item email you. If you are looking for a particular item you can post there too. Yesterday I put up an offer to give away  children’s books – within two hours my two heavy boxes of children’s books were picked up and gone. I like that I don’t have to shlepp my stuff down for the charity people to pick up. I like that I can pack the stuff up and it’s gone quickly. I don’t let these people into my apartment, I have the stuff ready by the front door. They are doing me a favour and I am helping someone else out. It’s a win win situation.

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Immigration Update

It’s good news. We heard just before Squiggy’s barmitzvah last week that our immigration had been approved. It was something the KoD saw online – he checks the USCIS website daily, and he saw that the status changed from “pending” to “approved”. He received the official letter yesterday.

So he called the National Visa Centre to find out more details. Our file was delivered yesterday to the US Consulate in Montreal. We have to wait now for us to be given an appointment. We have been given NO indication how long a wait that is, but we are hoping that it is quick. I will try and speak to a human being (as opposed to the automaton on the phone system) today at the consulate to see if I can get an answer.

Thankfully it is all moving forward, as it should. I have started the big clean out, the giving away of unnecessary items, am making decisions on what furniture I am shlepping and what I am selling / giving away.

The delay in moving IS frustrating, but I am channeling all of that energy into packing up the apartment and raising my boychiks. These are good headaches to have. BH it is not a question of IF we move, only of WHEN.

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wednesday’s wacky signs


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