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OK Enough with the self pity

I am listing ten things I love about TODAY and I dare you to do the same

1. I love that I spoke to the KoD already today and his voice made me smile.
2. I love that the sun is shining but it isn’t too hot.
3. I love that I woke up this morning.
4. I love that even though I am in a foul mood it hasn’t stopped me from doing what I had on the list to do today.
5. I love that I managed to separate the little dudes’ bunk beds as a surprise for them.
6. I love that I got squishes from the little people.
7. I love that I am seeing a friend later.
8. I love that I am giving things away for free – its win-win for all.
9. I love that my sons teachers care so much that they called to talk to me about them.
10. I love that I ate up all the chocolate in the house so it cannot tempt me anymore.

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Isn’t it interesting how the kid calls home from school, coughing and spluttering so hard that he can barely get a word out, telling me his teachers say his sneezing and coughing is getting in the way of the others learning in class, he needs to come home – and when he gets home within a half hour he is miraculously only suffering from a little cold….?

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Photo Project

I am the kind of mom that has photographs of her kids everywhere. On the walls, on the end tables, in frames, albums, digital albums etc. There are definitely way too many around the house. Seeing as we are moving, and doing the blended family thing, I need to be sensitive to everyone and not cover every surface with pics of my kids.

The photos that I have had up on the walls – some have been up for over ten years and are my favourites. What can I do to preserve these wonderful pictures but not display them? Bear in mind I am not that crafty.

Thanks in advance….

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An old joke goes, this morning I woke up grumpy…but I shoulda let him sleep. I have been majorly grumpy the past 18 hours. No reason that I can put my finger on, other than the fact the KoD is 333 miles away, I don’t know when I am moving, have a whole house to pack up after decluttering, I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in forever,  I have a stinking rotten cold, the kids are being their “scrumptious” selves, everyone asks me the same questions over and over again – I feel like a broken record, the holidays are coming up and I have to start planning meals and shopping along with all the other stuff I have to do…

I know we all have our stresses and no one is immune. I know I am usually upbeat and the problems I have are not major. We WILL be moving, it’s just a question of when. I WILL be seeing the KoD very soon, its just never soon enough. The decluttering is actually amazing therapy, even though it is totally exhausting. Once I have got rid of all the extraneous items packing up will be a breeze.

I have 20000 reasons to not be grumpy, yet here I sit all frowny faced. What the heck is wrong with me???

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