OK Enough with the self pity

I am listing ten things I love about TODAY and I dare you to do the same

1. I love that I spoke to the KoD already today and his voice made me smile.
2. I love that the sun is shining but it isn’t too hot.
3. I love that I woke up this morning.
4. I love that even though I am in a foul mood it hasn’t stopped me from doing what I had on the list to do today.
5. I love that I managed to separate the little dudes’ bunk beds as a surprise for them.
6. I love that I got squishes from the little people.
7. I love that I am seeing a friend later.
8. I love that I am giving things away for free – its win-win for all.
9. I love that my sons teachers care so much that they called to talk to me about them.
10. I love that I ate up all the chocolate in the house so it cannot tempt me anymore.

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4 responses to “OK Enough with the self pity

  1. You are so funny! and so real…
    I love that I went to the beach in Tel Aviv this morning because I was nearby…and watched the waves wash in.

  2. ooh a real beach, and waves….urban little me would love to have seen that. and the fact that you are in Israel – I would love that too.

  3. i love that you are feeling happier now! i am happy about the wedding i attended as well…

  4. 1. I love that I got a full night’s sleep last night. That hasn’t happened in a long time!

    2. I love that I only have two more chemo pills to take! (Well, for this round of treatment, anyway.) It’s going to be so nice to give my body a break from poison.

    3. I love that I’m getting to start building my Jewish library. Amazon.com loves that, too. 😉

    4. I love that my room is clean and dust-free. You do NOT want to know what came out from under the bed yesterday.

    5. I love that I get to start working again this week! I’ve been on sick leave for two months, and that’s more than enough for me, thankyouverymuch. I’ll be working from home this week instead of going in to the office, but I’ll be helping get our backlog taken care of.

    Okay, I only have five so far. But the day’s only half over…

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