Cover Girl

So I am going through boxes of stuff and came across the magazine that I was in as an 18 year old. Thought I would share the picture with you. I was so young…. if anyone in England remembers CATCH magazine, I was in it.


wanna see some more? from a different shoot…..
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17 responses to “Cover Girl

  1. Great pic.
    You look much too sophisticated to be 18 😉
    Was this for modelling or an article?

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    Beautiful! What was it like to do this job, did you enjoy doing it, did they pay you? tell us about it, so interesting!

  3. what is catch?
    why were you in it?

  4. i won a makeover competition….CATCH was a teen magazine. we had great photographers and clothes and all that stuff. it was awesome but after a while i wanted them to stop primping me…my face was so caked with make up i looked awful in natural light. everyone was touching me and telling me what to do and how to look and breathe – it was claustrophobic.

  5. Wait, you’re smiling… I thought the English had no emotions… haha, I’m kidding.

  6. Jax darling, i am half Welsh and half Hungarian and all Jewish – damn straight i am smiling, do you know how much money was spent on these teeth??!! lmao

  7. Wait a second!!!! Where did you grow up??? All this time, I imagined you with an American accent. Are you British???

    Great pics, BTW….those colorful ones bring me back to my favorite decade.

  8. I grew up in Cardiff and then London. I indeed have a British accent Benji. read about it here

  9. I love when people realize you have an accent! Perhaps you need to do 12second posts from time to time.

  10. Michel – i love when i am talking to someone face to face and they just suddenly stare at me and say “You’re British” as if i had been hiding it!!

    whats this 12second thing?

  11. Michel – i recorded a 12 seconds movie, i @’ed you on twitter with it…

  12. LOVE the pics!!

    Couldn’t open the flic.

  13. Do you age at all? You were beautiful, but you really look the same now. (Mazal tov, BTW).

  14. yeah i age, i just call the wrinkles laugh lines…

    thanks 🙂

  15. Love the pics! You looked fabulous :o)

  16. Wallah! Wow, eize yaffa! I’m thinking you should do the short hair thing more often. On a side note, you don’t look any different than you did when that picture was taken last year. 😉

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