Daily Archives: September 13, 2009

Call me names

H A D A S S A H – that is how my name is spelled. I spelled it out for the guy at the phone store when I was getting my blackberry last week. I even wrote it down as he needed to set up my emails for me on the phone. I had to call customer service on Friday, spelled out my name twice, and they followed up with an email. “Dear HEATHER”…. Sigh.

It’s not that I don’t like the name Heather. It’s quite a pretty name. But it isn’t mine. I briefly considered calling them to make sure they change it in their system, but you know what, it’s just too much trouble to actually get through to a person. I guess for now I will enjoy having another alter ego…maybe I could use Heather as my nom de plume….hmm….it’s better than the English name that I was given….(sorry Mum…but I’m really happy that my Hebrew name rocks.. 😀 )

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How sweet!

So the KoD had work he had to do tonight, in his home office. I took my laptop to our bedroom so I could write and catch up on some online stuff. After a while I heard him call up the stairs…. “Dass, Dass…what are you doing?”  Me “Nothing much”, KoD “come downstairs, I need to talk to you”…. uh oh, he wants to “talk”? gulp….

I scampered downstairs to the office, wondering what on earth he wanted to talk about in the midst of working. I stepped over the threshold and music blasted from his speakers. It was “Every night of the week” by Rosco Gordon (he was big in the 50s, R&B bluesy type music). The KoD grabs my hand and proceeds to dance me around his office for the duration of the song. The man can move!! He had me a-twirling and a-dipping, and giggling so much that my face hurt by the end of the song.  It was just a wonderful little interlude. The song finished, KoD sat down to return to his work, and I skipped back to my laptop.

How sweet it is, KoD, to be loved by you.

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Cough cough splutter die

It’s Sunday night and I am still in Monsey. I was supposed to be back in Montreal by now. I packed up the car and was ready to leave here by 1pm. I had hugged my KoD, cried the tears I always cry when we leave each other (ie lakes and rivers and a couple of oceans’ worth), tried to find my stiff upper lip (failed) and buckled myself into the car. KoD was standing off to one side, ready to wave me off.

I turned the key in the ignition. Cough cough splutter die. Has to be a fluke, right? I turn the key again, the tears having stopped as the taste of panic starts to tickle the back of my throat. Cough cough splutter die. Cough cough splutter die. Cough cough cough cough splutter splutter die die. At this point the KoD is telling me to get out of the car, because of course if he turns the key in the ignition it will work. Nope, didn’t. Cough cough etc… at this point the engine was flooded and we decided to leave it a bit.

I thought we should try jumper cables. My next door neighbour had none, but my over the road neighbour did. They were discussing across the street, one to the other “Will you jump her or shall I?” – was quite amusing. I had three men playing mechanic and a gaggle of kids watching. They hooked up the cable thingumajiggies and turned it on … and it didn’t work. So the battery didn’t die. The car has a new fuel pump, so it wasn’t that. We determined, finally, that it was probably a problem with the starter. Of course it being a Sunday garages are closed…

I aim to be able to be fixed up and back on the road by late morning….

The upside – I got to spend more time with my KoD and avoided long lines at the border. The downside – I am a day behind now on my preparations for Rosh Hashannah.

Thankfully the car didn’t die in the middle of my trip back. Thankfully I didn’t have my kids with me who would have missed school tomorrow. Thankfully everyone is ok, and the car is fixable. And hopefully soon enough I won’t have to be doing this darn trek back and forth….

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