Call me names

H A D A S S A H – that is how my name is spelled. I spelled it out for the guy at the phone store when I was getting my blackberry last week. I even wrote it down as he needed to set up my emails for me on the phone. I had to call customer service on Friday, spelled out my name twice, and they followed up with an email. “Dear HEATHER”…. Sigh.

It’s not that I don’t like the name Heather. It’s quite a pretty name. But it isn’t mine. I briefly considered calling them to make sure they change it in their system, but you know what, it’s just too much trouble to actually get through to a person. I guess for now I will enjoy having another alter ego…maybe I could use Heather as my nom de plume….hmm….it’s better than the English name that I was given….(sorry Mum…but I’m really happy that my Hebrew name rocks.. 😀 )

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5 responses to “Call me names

  1. so, now you got me curious. what’s the english name? harriet, henrietta???

  2. Yes and my favorite answer when people ask me to spell my last name: “THATs your last name??” No dufus that’s someone else’s last name, i thought i would just try to annoy you for the heck of it.

  3. My fave is when people realise that my name is Zena- like the Warrior Princess?! Do you kick butt? do you throw daggers from your cleavage? Can you crack skulls with your thighs? (Just a few of the lines I’ve heard over the years…)

  4. yeah but Z! – can you?? snortle….

  5. That is for me to know… And maybe my hubby….

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