What? Will these hands ne’er be clean?

beets1Beets should come with a warning label. “When peeling or handling these root vegetables wear gloves or else your hands will become stained”. It would have helped me. Big time. I prepared beets this way on Friday. I called my mum after and complained about my stained hands. Apparently everyone knows that you must wear gloves when handling beets. Mum, I love you dearly, but you missed out on teaching me that fact in the 18 years of child rearing you bestowed on me. KoD apparently knew this too, and was here, in the house, and neglected to tell me, knowing full well that I was preparing beets for the first time because he asked me to. Why did he not tell me? “Everyone knows that you must wear gloves when handling beets”. Everyone but Hadassah. No one told HSM that she must wear gloves.

Well the beets turned out delicious, I will say, and as punishment for not telling me about the staining thing I had the KoD google a way to get the stains off my hands. Soak a white piece of bread in cold water, rub hands with salt, and hold soggy white bread onto stained hands. It feels absolutely gross but it works. Apparently it works on clothes too. But I haven’t tried it.

So Mum, KoD, anyone else, is there anything else I should know that everyone else knows, or am I on par with the world now? 😉

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17 responses to “What? Will these hands ne’er be clean?

  1. This was the recipe I chose:

    I knew you have to wear gloves, but I dared myself not to, and used a vegetable peeler to peel them, and they barely left a trace.
    But c’mon, Hadassah, with your blog being called “In the Pink” makes it only fitting that your hands are pink too! :}

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    I wear disposable gloves when peeling all other veggies too, beside beets, like carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, garlic, etc. Keeps my hands looking beautiful not like some scrubber woman! I also like to wear gloves for cleaning chickens. I buy the gloves at costco (where else?)

    • so are you saying my hands look like some scrubber woman’s?? 😉 Lady LnL, you are gonna have to take me to Costco. I could do some serious damage there

  3. I often make beets and I never wear gloves while peeling them, I just peel them under running water and my hands are fine. I would tell you the other things everyone knows but you, however, that would take the fun out of it for the rest of us 😉

  4. Well, I certainly didn’t know that. But now I do. Thanks! 🙂

  5. QoH: I didn’t tell you because I thought EVERYONE knew that you had to wear gloves. 🙂

    • if you haven’t noticed, my dear esteemed honoured husband, I am not EVERYONE. I am one EXTRA SPECIAL PERSON. Don’t you dare lump me in with the rest of the plebians in this world. 😉 (no offense plebs)

      You shoulda told me, you tell me everything else that’s kitchen related 😀

  6. Lady Lock and Load

    Hadassah, not one molecule of you resembles that of a scrubber woman, G-d Forbid! When I was engaged a very special friend told me that it is a good idea to wash dishes with gloves, and I should get used to it early on. But I did not know about wearing disposable gloves for veggies till much later on and after a zillion pounds of potatoes, leaving my hands looking and feeling terrible.
    IY”H I will bring you to costco. Membership over there will be worth it for your army of hungry boys and girls and ketchup eating individuals

  7. Lady Lock and Load

    My root canal specialist gave me the hint about cleaning chickens with disposable gloves!

  8. Lady Lock and Load

    I am so used to the gloves that if I am at a friend for shabbos where I help and wash dishes, I bring my own gloves if she doesn’t have.

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