That’s what Jewish Mamas do

I was having a conversation with the KoD, about when friends of ours send home food with us – even though we are quite capable of cooking ourselves. I do the same. I made the comment to the KoD – “its just what us Yiddishe Mamas do. Part of the Yiddishe Mama Creed – thou shalt feed everyone”

What else is part of your Yiddishe Mama / Yiddishe Tatte creed?

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15 responses to “That’s what Jewish Mamas do

  1. Same. I gave away all of our last yontiff food…wanted everyone to have enough!

  2. When wife cooks for people who are sick, just had a baby… she makes enough for an army. (she is also a great cook)

    Along with the food is card and menu on the other side. Always gets a big smile/reaction.

    I love delivering the box of food for that reason.

    Proud husband of a Jewish mother

  3. Yiddishe Mamas also always think it’s cold, or it’s warm and is going to become cold, or it’s cold and it’s going to become warm 🙂

    Mama: “Take a sweater, it’s cold out there”

    Anyone else: “But Mama, it’s 106 degreees in the shade!”

    Mame: “Take a sweater anyway, it might get cold when the sun goes down”


  4. i don’t know, my catholic mother in law always tries to get us to take food home when we visit her, even though home is a 13 hour drive away. Last year at christmas she even gave us a cooler so we could take home tons of food with us and it wouldn’t go bad on the drive. 🙂

  5. Y’know, i was thinking of writing a blog entry on today’s bubby. I never had a bubby, but I have met many. My kids have BH one only, but she is not a bubby that I would classify as a traditional bubby. Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way. I know of some that indeed schtup their grand kids with home made yummies and their time is boundless for their G kids. The one my kids have love my kids to bits, but ALWAYS talk the dirty talk: DIETS and NUTRTION. They go to bubbies and feast on veggies and once in a while a diet fudgecycle. She really never wants them around. On her terms and conditions and that is rarely. When my nieces and nephews come over I jokingly say “welcome to a bubby like home”. I schtup them with my baked treats and yummy foods.
    BTW, I never want any of my MIL cooking to take home. BLAND.

  6. I am guilty of the feeding thing. I don’t push leftovers on people, but I do make sure that they are well fed when they leave my house.

  7. My bubbie was for sure not a “typical bubbie”. She was a chimney smoking, no home cooking/baking, 4’2″, lottery ticket junkie. BUT- she made all the time in the world for us, and THAT was what made her an incredible Bubbie. ( it didn’t hurt that she bribed us with an ‘allowance’ either.)

    As for other yiddishe momme traits- GUILT!!

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