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Hadassah’s sweet and sour meatballs

As usual, all measurements totally approximate because I cook from the heart not a book.

meatballsApprox 2lbs of ground beef (I am sure you can use ground chicken / turkey and lamb too)

2  16oz cans tomato sauce / marinara sauce / pasta sauce (less if you don’t like sauce with your meatballs. We adore sauce, the more gravy the better.) Use tomato paste instead of one can of sauce if you like your sauce thicker.

One large onion

2 tbsps Lemon juice

6 tbsps Sugar



2 eggs

½ cup Breadcrumbs (I like to use the seasoned crumbs)

Lots of mama-love

A skootch of Oil

You can add shredded carrot to the meatball mixture, but I find it just too time consuming to shred them. So I just leave them out.

Makes about 40 medium sized meatballs.

Chop half the onion very finely – put aside. Chop other half normally, add oil to large pot and fry up second lot of chopped onions until translucent. When translucent, add tomato sauce, 2 tsp lemon juice and about 6 tbsps sugar. (As you make this again and again you will figure out the right measures for you). Allow to simmer.

While sauce is simmering, combined ground meat with eggs and about half a cup of breadcrumbs and the finely chopped onion. Mix well. I use my hands to do this, making sure, obviously that I clean them well, before and after handling the meat. When mixture is ready, use your fingers to scoop out mixture to make a meatball. Whatever size you want works. Gently lower each formed ball into the sauce.

Once all the balls are in, boil up quickly and reduce to a simmer. Allow to cook, covered, for two hours. We like to serve them with rice, although it is great also with pasta or couscous. Serve with thick challah or sourdough bread so you can mop up the gravy. Just add a side of veggies and you have a delicious supper.

I have not yet adapted this for use in a crockpot but I am sure you could do it that way too. If anyone does adapt for crockpot usage, let me know how it worked.

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Totally Self Indulgent Kvetch

(or as my friend Shorty likes to call it “kvitch” – a kvetch and a b!tch all rolled into one!!)

So we had our medicals for immigration on Wednesday. Perhaps if I have time I will blog about the 3 long hours we spent there. Because I didn’t have proof of getting my MMR vaccination as a child, the US government required me to have an MMR booster before moving to the States. I know I had the shot, I also know I had German Measles as a child (Rubella) and I also very clearly remember having the mumps. But I cannot prove it so I had to get the booster and pay for the privilege.

Firstly, the shot burned as it went in, kinda like morphine does but without the drug-like effect. Of course I was brave and didn’t flinch and showed it didn’t phase me, but OW!!

Secondly, ever since the injection site has been sore. Sore to the point that even moving my arm was agony. And if someone touched me on my upper arm they had to peel me off the ceiling – the pain has been that bad.

They told me that day #5 it was quite probably that I would have a fever from the shot. Oh joy. Oh fun. Not. Today is day #5. Bring it on. Dosing up on the advil already from the body aches I have had over the last 4 days from the shot. Fever – ptui!!

/end of self indulgent kvetch

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I am the parent, not you!!

Do you ever have this happen to you? That someone else has the chutzpah to “parent” your child in front of you? (and I am not talking about spouse who is step parent to your kid.)

I have been several places where this has happened and I have no idea how to respond politely, and I sit there with my blood boiling. If you are sitting around my Shabbat table with me, do not tell MY kids to chew before talking, to sit up straight, not to interrupt. My children are generally well behaved, but they are not perfect, they still are learning. If they need to be told off or disciplined it is up to ME or their other parent. If they are at your house without me or their other parent, then perhaps you can gently remind them not to speak with their mouth full but only when I am not around.

I am very conscious of how this feels, and I try very hard not to do it to other people’s kids when their parents are around. If I have an issue with the way their kid is behaving, if I am a close enough friend, I will pull my friend to the side and gently explain what I am feeling or seeing.

When you are a guest in my house you do not deserve for me to chew your head off. But my kids don’t need any more parents – they already have FOUR!! So if you have an issue with their behaviour, tell me, politely. Don’t stir up resentment in a child that is not your own.

How would you / have you handle(d) this?

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