Daily Archives: October 13, 2009

Food Poll

grocery1Help me out here. I am doing a very informal poll amongst those of us who do the shopping, or most of it,  for the family. How much do you spend per person per week just on food. Please say if you are kosher, vegetarian etc. How many meat meals per week do you serve? What is the age spread of the people in your house? If you have teenagers – how do you manage to keep them fed? Do boys eat more than girls? What is your cheapest meal to make, but that satisfies all the people in your house? Do the kids eat school lunches, or do they pack a lunch? Is there anything else you want to add – any tips and tricks?

Edited to Add – please pop over to fill out the Jewish Economics Survey, and check out the posts on SerandEz about the economic future of the Jewish Community.

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