Stick this up your…….vein!!

I am as pissed as hell and I am not going to hold back. Remember my post of two days ago? Kidney infection, long wait, blah blah.

I spent hours in the ER today because of that doctor. HOURS with needle sticks and plenty of poking and prodding and kidney thumping that hurt worse than birth, because of that jerk doctor.

I know it takes time for antibiotics to work. I know that. But by last night I was feeling much worse and the kidney pain had intensified and I was being nagged from all sides to go to the ER.

ER doc took a look at the prescription I was given and told me “no wonder you are not feeling better, this dose of antibiotic is supposed to be taken TWICE a day, and the doctor ordered it for only ONCE a day. You have not been getting enough antibiotic to start killing this infection.” WTH??

The good thing is they shot me up with a lovely antibiotic (gentromycin) that will jumpstart the healing process and gave me some good drugs to help with the pain. She said that by Saturday night / Sunday morning I should start to feel better. If idiot doc would have dosed me appropriately I could have already been feeling better and been able to cook for my family for Shabbat (and do the grocery shopping and laundry and cooking and clean the bombsite of a house).

I am fed up with the health”care” system here. Fed up of being sick and in pain. Fed up of being sick and in pain and far away from my KoD. Just. Plain. Fed. Up.

(All donations of chocolate graciously accepted!)

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4 responses to “Stick this up your…….vein!!

  1. That’s really horrible, that the first dr. didnt give you the right dose. Hopefully you will start to feel better now that u are taking it2x/day and painkillers too!

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    Can you sue?

  3. oh, right- sue..In canada… Actually, this is one of the nice things about Canada, the first instinct is not to sue. in the states they are totally lawsuit crazy.

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