Just a short kvell

My boys are the bestest. They truly are. With me being the only parent in the house, and being so sick that I have barely left my bed in days, they stepped up to the plate. On Friday the bathrooms were scrubbed, the kitchen cleaned, laundry was done, errands were run, the Shabbat table set, the candlesticks prepared, bedrooms tidied, the mail retrieved… the list goes on. All four of them worked really hard to make a nice Shabbat.

My boys worked so hard, and I am so proud. Lenny actually said to me just before Shabbat – Ima, I am so tired, now I understand why you are exhausted before Shabbat comes in, and there were 3 other people helping me. You do it all alone. Good lesson to learn I think.

BH we had awesome friends who cooked for us and we are truly grateful. We could taste the love and affection in their yummy food. Thank you friends. You know who you are.

BH I am starting ever so slightly to feel better. Have been nagged at worried about by people near and far, and warned not to overdo even when I do start to feel better. I am trying, but I am so stubborn and really want to get everything done my way. But this infection was a wake up call to slow down and relax a little bit.

Must have been awful for my KoD being so far away and unable to do much for us except worry. Honey – just knowing you are sending me your love and warm fuzzies from 333 miles away helps. You know that. Sorry I was so teary on the phone before. Sometimes I can be a little emotional!! (shocking, I know)

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6 responses to “Just a short kvell

  1. Lady Lock and Load

    Wonderful, may you always be proud of your husband and your children.

  2. Feel better!!

    I am still sick too (going on day 10….)

    Isn’t it wonderful to see how helpful your kids can be when they want to be!

  3. and to think- you HATE to have help! Look what can happen if you LET them HELP more!! (toucher?!)

    P.S. Can’t wait to see you guys!!

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