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Enough is enough PP!!

The parade pisher is back….well, not that person, but someone who must totally be related. This person takes everything that happens as evidence that my KoD is not taking care of me or doing what he should do as my husband. I take exception to this. This person tells me that KoD doesn’t make sure that I eat as I am so skinny. If he loved me enough, apparently, he would fatten me up, being a nutritionist and all. If the KoD loved me enough he would shlepp my groceries for me, even tho he is 333 miles away!! Come on!! My recent sickness bothered this PP. So much so that PP told me to keep the KoD as a sidekick but find a doctor to marry because the KoD is not doing a good job as my husband. Puhleeze. I know the way this person talks it’s semi in jest, but after a while the constant critical comments get to me.

The KoD is the most awesome husband in the world. It’s no one’s fault that I got an infection – just bad luck, nor is it anyone’s fault that I am a skinny wench. That’s just genetics. (Not that I am complaining, mind). The KoD would move heaven and earth to make me happy and well and content. The man makes me feel like a Queen and treats me as such. He isn’t here. Yes, it sucks. But that’s not something to blame him for either. PP blames him that I am going through emotional times  – if I wouldn’t have married him, I wouldn’t be apart from him, I wouldn’t be waiting for immigration visas and I could actually have a normal life….. Argh!!! I get it, PP. You don’t approve of my choice of husband. Get over it. Stop trying to denigrate him in my eyes. You can’t. Nothing will ever make me think badly of my KoD. He has shown me so many times how devoted and dedicated he is to me and our children, how much he loves us and how far he is willing to go to make us happy.

Get a freaking life, you moron, and pish off….

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Water Water Everywhere…..

waterThis latest health issue has underscored something major for me. I do not drink nearly enough. 8 glasses a day? You have got to be kidding me!! I know coffee and tea and soups count, but seriously there is no way I am even close.

Due to the kidney infection I had to flush my kidneys. Minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, preferably 12. How on earth does one manage to drink so much water without living in the WC? But then again, if I become slack again about drinking I am more at risk, so I have been told, of further kidney issues. (Had a kidney stone a while back too. Not fun. Worse pain than giving birth). The more one drinks the better the body works. Less chance of dehydration etc.

So, smart folks, how do you manage to get your eight glasses a day in with minimum of aggravation? Oh and bear in mind I will drink almost anything except plain water, and absolutely no fizzy drinks. Any suggestions of what to drink thats not empty calories?

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