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Please bring me MY wine…..

wine 005

We were recently at the Birth Whisperer’s house for a Shabbat meal, and she had asked one of her daughters to bring up a bottle of wine from the wine cellar (…ok, garage, let’s not be pretentious here) and this is the bottle that was brought. It’s called PINK by Weinstock Cellars, and we all laughed that the author of In The Pink was drinking a pink wine called PINK.

Then I read the back of the bottle, out loud and laughed even harder – could it have been more perfect? The brackets contain my comments….

“PINK is a proprietary blend produced by Weinstock Cellars especially to parallel today’s casual lifestyle. A fun blend (I am so much fun) of different grapes give this wine its sassy personality (Me, sassy? – for sure!!). Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah bring vibrant color and lots of fresh, berry fruit (I love bright colours and wear them often). Zinfandel steps in, bringing a bit of spice (I can so be spicy) and sass, and Muscat Canelli shares just a hint of its honey sweet personality (sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s my sweet personality). Now you know what it took to make PINK, a wine that is both fresh and carefree (I can be fresh….carefree….hmm, I will get back to you on that one). Since PINK is a wine without rules (I make my own rules a lot of the time, just ask the KoD and the kids), we simply recommend that you share it with food and the people you love most. Cheers!”

Oh and the taste? We were divided on that. I like a semi-dry or dry white wine usually, and I rarely drink red wine. This was more of a Rosé but kind of dry… some of my dinner companions actually added Splenda to it to sweeten it up a little. Yuck. I think I drank ¾ of the bottle myself….

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