Daily Archives: October 25, 2009

Step Parenting Question

This is a question that was emailed to me to pose on my blog. It has been edited to adjust flow.

“I am a newly remarried mother of an 8 year daughter. Her bio-dad has had nothing to do with her since we divorced 6 years ago. Her step dad has been in her life for two years and they have a lot of fun together. All three of us get along most of the time. However, my daughter will go crazy whenever my husband touches me in an affectionate manner, kiss on the cheek, arm around the shoulder etc. She hits him, kicks him in the leg and tells him to “get off my mommy!!” He has only ever been sweet and kind to both of us. What can I do? Why is she like this? She sits on his lap, she hugs him at bedtime. Why can he not touch me? If I am the one to initiate contact with him she says nothing and does nothing until he responds in kind. But you can see in her eyes that she is watching and waiting. I want us to be a normal family, but we are afraid to show affection in front of her.”

So, dear readers, you generally have wonderful insight and ideas – what do you make of this situation? What would you advise?

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