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17 responses to “Today’s Question

  1. I *know* i went to Jewish school, but i don’t remember anything terribly Jewish until learning Hebrew in Grade 1.

    Does that count?

    • totally – if there are returnees to Judaism or converts reading this, I also want their first Jewish memory even if they were grown!

  2. I didnt become religious until i was 18, but my first memory of being Jewish is going to the synogogue with my parents (even though we werent religious we always went on the high holidays) and eating this cream puff kind of thing with chocolate on it. It figures my first Jewish memory had to do with food!

  3. My life has been so enmeshed in Jewish culture that I cannot remember a specific starting point. It just always was.

    I will never forget my first Shomer Shabbos Shabbos. It was the most peaceful experience ever.

  4. Lady Lock and Load

    My first “Jewish” memory must have been when I was around five years old. I was sitting next to my sister at the seder table and we had fun dipping our finger into the wine during the ten plagues.

  5. My first memory was when we went to Sunday/Hebrew School but I knew we didn’t belong there because all the other children knew a lot more than we did. I had a lot of trouble learning Hebrew and finally after a year or so, my sister and I were allowed to quit. I remember Chanukah and presents, nothing more. I do not have good memories. My father came from an Orthodox home and he told stories that when he went to WWII and was made to eat tref, and do things that he never did on Shabbat, he completely turned away from organized religion. We lived in a all Catholic neighborhood and my father would get all dressed up on Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur as if he was going to shul and he would go take the train to 42nd Street and see a play and usually have too much to drink. He always made a show that he was such a good Jew for the Catholic neighborhood. We on the other hand would walk to shul and stand outside with the other kids, knowing that our father was not inside. So, I realize that all of my Jewish experiences were fraught with embarrassment.

  6. Now a question Hadassah. Why is it permissable to show your hair on video, although wearing a hat, from your home and not out in public?

    • good question! my first response is that it could be my hair, it could also be a fall/wig. you guys have no way of knowing.

      there are many women who cover their hair outside their home, but in the privacy of their own space, they leave it free and unfettered, no matter who comes over.

      there are many women who cover all of their hair and many who cover only part. there is some argument as to what one needs to cover – the hair or the head. a bald woman who is married still needs to cover her head.

      i always wear something on my head, a wig, a scarf, a hat, to remind me, and to remind others, that i am married. (not that i need reminding, it’s part of who I am with every breath I take).

  7. Lady Lock and Load

    It could be a wig Rebecca.

  8. It never dawned on me it could be a wig.I learn and learn on here the different ways women cover their heads. Could I be the only non-frum woman on here?

    • rebecca, I have visitors from all ends of the spectrum, jewish, not jewish, religious, non frum, anti- religious sometimes too.

      if you don’t ask questions, how can you learn. please keep asking.

  9. My earliest Jewish memory is of sitting in religious school, coloring, and listening to my Hebrew teacher. We were probably learning letters but I was very young so perhaps something else. After that, it is a very early seder memory. All my early Jewish memories are so good!

  10. My earliest Jewish memory was probably my brother’s Bar-Mitzvah. I didn’t grow up observant so its really the only time I remember my whole family being in Synagogue together. My next “Jewish” memory was when I moved from Miami to Montreal and my first day of 7th grade in my new school, I sat next to a girl who asked me what I was – I told her “Jewish”, she said she was “Greek”. I said, but you’re Jewish too aren’t you, Greek is an ethnicity”. She said, “no”. I soon discovered that unlike my public school in Miami which was almost 100% Jewish, my new school was almost 100% non-Jewish. Up until that point – I thought the whole world was Jewish, just like my school. I was soo shocked!

  11. I am a convert-to-be, but earliest Jewish memory/experience was in 6th grade @ Catholic (was never Catholic) school, we had a model Passover seder. It was a great experience! Another memory was around the same time was when my father told me he did some plumbing work in someone’s home whose name was Shlomo. What’s so strange, well Shlomo was a black man & I was amazed that there were (and still are) black jews. It was nice since I am black and want to convert 🙂

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