Immigration Update

As you know we have been waiting for visas to be issued in order for us to move to New York to live with the KoD. Legal permission to move the kids has been obtained, the only obstacle has been waiting for these visas.

The KoD and I have been married now for over 8 months, and we sent off our papers as soon as we could after the wedding. It’s been months of form filling and more form filling. We did our medicals, and applied for police certificates and did everything that has been asked of us.

All we have been waiting for is an interview date. We have been told that we will be granted the visas at the interview, or within a day or two thereof. Every day I go to the mailbox hoping for a letter with the interview date. Every day I get disappointed. Every day I try to hold it together, as being apart from the love of my life is really tough.

The KoD is as impatient as I am, and getting answers from the consulate when you are a private citizen is next to impossible, even though you have paid mucho dinero to apply for your visas. So KoD decided to contact his local congressman and see if he could do something to help us. Couldn’t hurt, right?

A member of the congressman’s staff made some phone calls and wrote some emails. He really worked hard to get us an answer. He wrote the KoD today, enclosing an email from a senior consular official.

It’s not awesome news, but at least we know where we stand. There are hundreds of people ahead of us in line, and he reckons that we won’t have an appointment for another two to three months. That brings us into January / February of 2010. Basically to a year after our wedding. Ouch. But the truth is without the congressman’s staffer’s intervention we would have no way of knowing when. While I am sad (ok crying big hujungous buckets of tears) that I have to wait another couple of months, having a time frame helps. It also helps to have had confirmation from this consular official that we have qualified for an interview, that there are no papers or forms missing, and that we are in the queue.

Mixed blessing I guess… to tell the kids….oy….

Thank you to my darling KoD for doing all you can to get us down there with you. We love you and miss you.

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23 responses to “Immigration Update

  1. Oh sweety! I wish it was better news. You never know…maybe things will change.


  2. so excited that there is light for you at the end of this tunnel! it’s always good to know where you stand so that there are no false hopes & expectations. i am happy that you found out this info & hopefully you will be reunited real soon, iy”h!

  3. This reminds me of when I was adopting LO. I submitted my papers to the Chinese government through and adoption agency. Then about EIGHT MONTHS later the Chinese government sent me a picture of the little girl that would soon be my daughter. I then had to apply for a Chinese visa and then get permission from China to travel there. This took MONTHS. Then once in China I had to get an appointment with the consulate to get her a visa so that she could come back to the states with me. More waiting. Horrible red tape and really the waiting almost killed me – but in the end – it was worth every second because for all that waiting look what I have now…the best little girl EVER! I know that it doesn’t change how it feels for you and the boys in the moment, but really the end result will be so worth it.

    And yay for KoD for contacting his local congressman – he continues to prove that he is truly a “gem”. 🙂

    • Oh that must have been so tough for you!! and she is a delightful not so little any more girl!

      yes, the KoD is a diamond as his name suggests. He is just the bestest!

  4. I know it’s not the news you wanted but at least you now have a possible end-date. No more checking the mail everyday wondering. Well done for KoD for contacting his congressman – great idea!

    • He’s a smart one, that KoD. I knew what I was doing when I married him!!

      I will still check the mail – because having a date will enable me to book the moving truck and start packing and face the fact that it WILL happen!!!

  5. Squiggs just came home. i gave him the news. His immediate response, upon hearing that the only conditions that would allow us to push up the interview would be to be deployed in the armed forces overseas or to be very sick – his respnse was – where do I join up to the army, Ima? and then he said i should be hired to write for the army, and that would push us ahead! so sweet.

  6. Just wondering if another letter, explaining that you are married, etc, would help speed things up…..

  7. Sadly Rivka, they really don’t care. Ifthey heard to every sob story their doors would never close.

    It’s just a matter of waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

    • i have become an expert waiter. i figure i have waited for this for so long i get to jump in front of every other line for the rest of my life.

  8. Only for good things!!

  9. Lady Lock and Load

    When I learn shmiras halashon and tehillim I will have you guys in mind for a zechus that you should get the visas very soon. Hashem can make anything happen!
    You are trying to be very positive which is a very good thing, for you and KoD and for the boys. Now that the boys know that they will be in Canada for a couple of months it will be easier for them to settle into the school year (and not think I might be leaving next month and switching schools). This gives you time to pack and get everything lined up for when you move. I don’t know if anyone was or ever will be as happy as you to move to monsey!

    • i cannot wait…but the idea of packing up this apartment with all the stuff – most of which i have to get rid of… i can do it, yes i can!!

      • Lady Lock and Load

        It is a very good thing to move because you will get rid of stuff you don’t need. When you stay in one place you accumulate so much, gevald! I always felt so organized and “cleansed” after a move.

  10. i have 3 words for you hadassah: BIG GARBAGE BAGS!!!!

  11. Patience is a virtue and u have it. I hope that the papers come quickly and you and your KoD and family are reunited forever.

  12. Well, the time frame blows goats, but as everyone says, at least you now that things are moving forward. *LOTS AND LOTS OF HUGS*

    Just think how sweet it will be when it’s all done and taken cared of.

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