My Judaism – Submissions

I have started what I hope to be a regular feature every so often on the blog. Readers submit pieces of prose that talk about their own personal Judaism. What Judaism means to them, what their spiritual journey has been, thoughts and feelings about belonging (or not) to this group of people. I welcome submissions from all. This is about a person’s own spiritual journey. I have always been so interested in why people convert to Judaism, why they decide to become more / less religious, why they decided to give it all up / take it all on, how being around Judaism has influenced them. There are so many lessons to be learned from everybody’s spiritual journeys.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not print anything hateful or inciteful and I ask that in the comments people are respectful, even if they do not agree. I also must state that printing someone’s submission in no way, shape or form means that I agree with the religious views that are held by the writer.  I might, I might not. I reserve the right to edit as I see fit. I also reserve the right to reject a piece based on content. Submissions should be 1200 – 1500 words, accompanied by a head shot and a 3-4 sentence bio. If you have a blog I can include a hyperlink too. If you wish to be anonymous, please let me know.

All submissions and / or questions to be sent to If I do not have an email address to reply to, I will not even consider printing the submission.

Looking forward to your submissions.

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5 responses to “My Judaism – Submissions

  1. let’s hope this attracts many contributors as it is a great idea. The first two posts were very interesting.

  2. You named your kids after Laverne and Shirley characters? Oy vavoy.

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