Piggy Flu

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18 responses to “Piggy Flu

  1. Oh Hadassah! Your poor boychikles!

    First off, I have no idea what ossillinococcum (errr, yeah) is. Try Zicam gel for in your nose.

    Boosting immunity, I’m a fan of Emergen-C packets that you mix with water. They’re fairly decent flavored and are absorbed faster than pill vitamins. Also, up your vitamins C and E.

    To keep your kids entertained, Netflix. DVDs. Nothing they can touch that can’t be sterilized. Snotty grubby fingers touching Nintendo DS and cell phones etc will spread the trayfluenza. Make sure to air out their rooms, keep a window slightly open to get fresh air in and germies out.

    Best of luck, and a refuah shelayma to all the boys and you!

    Love ya,

  2. What about getting a prescription for yourself for Tamiflu in the house to be taken at the first symptoms (which hopefully you WON’T get).

    Regarding hydrating sick kids who don’t want to eat – ices sometimes work.

    Re entertainment: have a friend go out and get those silly travel books / mad libs / “yes and know” books (even comic books). They’re good b/c you can do just a bit of them, laugh and then conk out again….

    Good luck and you have my deepest empathy.

    • G6 – the tamiflu is earmarked in canada for those people who really need it ie the sick and infirm, those with lower immunity, chronic illnesses and the like. therefore I am (BH??) not eligible to receive it.

      thanks for the tips!

  3. Try Airborne… if you can get it Canada(if not shoot across the border to the US). Eat foods with lots of ginger, garlic, fennel, tumeric and cumin. Take a spoonful of apple-cider vinegar a day.

    Finally if you can bear it, do cold water dousing. It is quite uncomfortable, but it boost the immune system.

    Fasting also works… again if you can bear it.

    • why would fasting help? i would have thought that would lower my immunity?

      • Fasting has a long history of being shown to boost immunity. There have been several studies done on it.

        It has to do with the body being subjected to controlled stress.

        • Lady Lock and Load

          Hadassah is stressed enough as it is! Hopefully it will give her immunity from catching oink flu from her children! Wondering if KoD will be able to come for shabbat, I don’t know if a few piglets are going to keep him away!

  4. what about a mask, although you have already been with the sick children, also, plastic gloves when u r cleaning up their c… As far as entertainment, I would bet that until they are feeling better, they would probably just want to sleep. As someone said, it is vitally important to keep them hydrated. I thought you line about a woman who keeps a kosher home should not get swine flu…very cute line… hope u all get well soon.

    • sleep? not my kids. they have been slumped in front of the TV/DVD most of the day, looking so pathetic it hurts my heart. I have been pushing water and powerade on them, and the Jewish Mama’s penicillin – chicken soup.

      thanks for your wishes.

  5. Lady Lock and Load

    Please don’t fast hadassah!

  6. My doc also recommended a mask.

    Btw, to comment, you have to go UP to the button, not down.

    • RivkA you are indeed right – thanks for pointing that out! how are you feeling?

      • getting better! I thought it wasn’t piggy flu ’cause I had no fever, but apparently 20% of the cases have no fever, so go know….. I was sick for THREE WEEKS!! That is INSANE!!

        • totally INSANE!! my doc said the only flu going about is the piggy flu… regular flu isnt being spread yet…

          glad to hear you are improving.

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