cyhYou can win a free $25 box of surprise Hair Accessories from!!

To enter into the raffle:

Visit and find some items you’d love to have, and then write those in the comments section on this post.

For additional entries:

1) Follow on Networked Blogs
Visit them at and scroll down to the right side to Networked Blogs and click Follow.

2) Add them as a friend on

3) Join their Google Friend Connect:
At the right corner of each page on there is a ‘peel away’ to click on that will bring you to the Social Center. At the right side of the Social Center click “join this site” in the Google Friend Connect box.

4) Become a Fan of Cover Your Hair on Facebook:
Click (free item always being offered)

5)  Follow them on twitter:

Write into the comments section on this blog all the things that you have done to enter this giveaway!
Winner will be picked on Nov 18 2009!

Good Luck!!

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21 responses to “ Giveaway

  1. That sounds too complicated for me, and what do I need with the stuff when my hair is covered?

  2. what’s this? Did cover your hair hire you for their PR department?

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    Nah, they send her free stuff for putting them on her blog. (Well, they SHOULD!)

  4. Lady Lock and Load

    Where is Wednesday’s Wacky Signs? I’m waiting….

  5. Lady Lock and Load

    It’s 6:08, are we in a different time zone?

  6. First of all I linked you.

    Second of all, I really love the look of their hats and would love to get started wearing more of them. Most of the time now I just wear a sheitel but the soft classy hat, the soft pull on hat and the everyday soft hat look so tempting.

  7. I absolutely adore your Israeli tichels. 🙂 And your headbands with tails! 😀

  8. I so love the cozy black winter hat and the cute woven hat 🙂

  9. I like this:
    I like the contrast between the brown and the black, and it looks so simple and fast to put on.

  10. These feather headbands are really funky. A great gift for my sweetie.

  11. The feather headband is already old here in Brooklyn, but in Lakewood, NJ, where “cover your hair” is based, it’s relatively “new shtick”.
    Pre-tied’s ARE really comfortable and so easy to put on!

  12. I’d love to get the pink elegant flower pony holder for my daughters.

    I really like that site. It’s not one side or the other. It’s not Hannah Montanah pre-teen obnoxious stuff and at the same time, it’s not wigs.

  13. Oh and I follow them on Google Friend connect and on Twitter (ReizaM). I don’t know if you want 2 separate comments for that and just in case you don’t, I don’t want to clutter your comment section.

  14. dangit I missed it!

  15. I did 1, 3, 4 and 5.

    I’d comment with what I like, but I have no clue what that is yet.


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