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I am beyond angry….

Yo Lady! You had such a nice smile for me today at the store. “So nice to see you in these parts” you said. “I haven’t left yet, visas you know…”. “Oh I thought you were in NY already”. My son and your son are in the same class. I thought you would have realized I was still here.. “oh yes I know, my son was so excited that your son was here when school started”.

Hmmmmm. I am in a feisty mood today, so it appears. She didn’t get the memo. “Did you think I moved to NY without the kids?!” I asked in a polite but oh-I-am-so-ticked-off-right-now-chocolate-won’t-help-anyone kind of tone. “Well,” she whimpered “I didn’t really think about it, I assumed. I mean, you got married and NY’s where your husband lives”.

Holy Heckers Woman!! I got married therefore my kids don’t matter to me any more? You are a mother yourself, to many kids. You would just leave them without a second thought? I love my KoD to distraction, there is almost nothing on earth I would not do for him. I would never give up my kids for anyone. Period. End. And the mensch that my husband is he would be shocked if I had even considered it for a second. The man loves me and my kids. He knew upfront we were a package deal.

So for someone to assume that I would abandon these four super sons of mine in order to start afresh – maybe, just maybe, lady, you are projecting what you would do in my situation. I have been a full time mother to these boys for over 14 years. Fourteen Years!! How could you even contemplate me leaving them behind? Have you no shame?? Are you intimating that I am a terrible mom, so it’s no big deal for me to foist them off on their other parent to raise so I can live my life in peace? I guess years of being a single mother might have got to me, and I was fed up? NEVER!!! My boys are my life, my raisons d’etre.

I was polite to her. My mother brought me up right. I told her firmly that I would never have left my kids. That they are my world. I didn’t let her see how furious I was / still am. I wanted to turn around and slap her with a wet fish….. As I stalked off she called out after me “Hatzlacha” – good luck.

I can think of a word that rhymes with luck…… and it doesn’t go quack!

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Question of the Day

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Open Letter to Men

When we women are in witchy bitchy moods, and our moods swing from happy to teary in an instant, the secret code forbids you to mention hormones or PMS. We are allowed to mention it if we so choose. But you, male people? Never. Not if you want to survive. Do not ask if we are “on the rag”, or even more politely if it is that time of month. We do have other moods you know that are not tied to our cycle. Oh and jokes about how can you trust a person who bleeds for 5 days and doesn’t die – so NOT cool. Leaving a bottle of Midol on the kitchen table with a note saying “please take a couple, your cramps are killing me” – again, not helpful.

What can you do when it is obvious to you that your woman needs a little bit of extra TLC? Flowers are a good start, chocolate helps, and wine, plenty of wine.  Jewellery. A sweet card. Dinner out – so she doesn’t have to slave over a hot stove and blame it on you, that’s a winner, right there.

You just have to know it isn’t personal, dudes. Just don’t joke about it, because then all the mood swings and crabbiness will have a purpose, to make your life miserable. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

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