Morning Rush

When I was a kid, my alarm would wake me up, I would force myself out of bed, do what I needed to do, and leave for school. I was responsible for getting myself there on time. I fixed my own breakfast, packed my own lunch. In those days I had yet to discover coffee, yet I still managed.

My kids get a royal wake up call. I actually wake up 15 minutes earlier so I can savour a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet and allow it to wake me up and be less of a grouch. At 6 o’clock I am waking up the first victim, by 6.05 I am nudging him again. We have a whole system, he gets in the shower first, at 6.15 the next one is pulled into consciousness, 6.30 the next and so on. Once they are up they don’t need me to remind them what to do. (Doesn’t necessarily stop me from doing so, but they don’t NEED it).

Most of the mothers I know wake their kids up. Most adults my age that I know were not woken up by a parent when they were kids, they were responsible for getting themselves up. Is it that we don’t trust our kids to get up on time, or that we are more hands-on parents than the previous generation? If I missed the bus to school there was no lift from my mother to get me there. Public transportation was there for a reason. If I forgot my lunch, again my problem. I wouldn’t even have dreamt of calling home and asking for my mum to bring it to the school. Apart from the fact that she was at work and wouldn’t have been able to even if I had asked.

By the time the youngest has left for school, by 8 o’clock, I am exhausted and wish to go back to bed. I am sick of waking people up and dealing with the grumpiness – they do apologize for it when fully awake – I am sick and tired of having to be the toughie. When they were younger, they would climb into my bed and snuggle with me, there was no rush, they woke up on their own. Daycare started when we got there. Those days are sooo over. These giant almost-men are still my children, and even if I have to stand on a chair to tell them off, they still have to listen.

What are mornings like in your household?

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12 responses to “Morning Rush

  1. I am dreading the school run. My kids are still young 3.5 and 1.5 and I am not sending either of them to nursery. I am a sucker for self inflicted pain lol. I still enjoy being lazy the whole day, I mean er morning!

    • aw, enjoy the little ones while you can!!

      • Lady Lock and Load

        And you enjoy your little ones when you can Hadassah. They grow up real fast, I still can’t believe that I no longer have children in elementary or high school. No more school bus 🙂 !! It’s really weird but I am getting used to it.
        What would happen if you gave your oldest children alarm clocks, would they sleep through it? Some kids do well with alarm clocks, for others, it is so hard to get up in the morning! Did you notice that teens are not morning people, my daughter used to say that school should start no earlier than 11 A.M. cause she didn’t feel awake till that hour in the day! Good idea no?

        • they turn off the alarms and go straight back to sleep.

          • Lady Lock and Load

            When I was in high school I had to wake myself up, as I lived away from home and certainly the woman I boarded by did not wake me. I wonder if you could do an experiment with the older children, like tell them in advance that you will not wake them, that they have an alarm clock (a very loud one 🙂 ) and if they don’t wake up they will have to deal with it. They may miss some school, or come late, but I think they would learn that mama is not going to drag them out of bed, as she has herself to drag out of bed! Would you be able to do this? (I wasn’t!!) I have one friend who is not a morning person, she trained her kids to manage without her wake up calls in the morning, they take their own breakfast and get on the bus because otherwise they would miss school and get in trouble. I think a high school boy is perfectly capable of getting up themselves, it’s hard on you to have to drag them out every a.m so it might be worth it to have him be waking up from an alarm clock!

          • Have you seen this alarm recently featured in a rather creepy episode of Flashforward? I was working on a “Back to School” piece when I first saw it and it gave me a great laugh!!! I sooo want one:

  2. I always woke myself up for school with an alarm clock. Since I was pretty studious, I used to be terrified of running late and missing any class time. I don’t know what deal will be when we have kids, but I’m hoping the situation will improve from what it is now-me serving as a personal alarm clock for my husband. 🙂

    • when you have kids, as babies they will definitely be alarm clocks. usually at 5am.

      • *LOL* my youngest, the night owl, was a “sleep till 10am” baby. My oldest, the other night owl, used to sleep till around 9am. Otoh, they would stay up till ridiculous hours and want to play. I never understood why other moms were so tired at play group!

  3. By the time I was in high school, it was my responsibility (as the oldest sibling) to wake up my siblings. I got in trouble if they didn’t wake up or missed the bus, etc. I got up at 5:30am all by myself and I totally sympathize with your arrangement. Unlike my siblings though, I always got up by myself with an alarm clock. If I was lucky, Mom would be in a good mood and wake me up (usually on nights when she made me stayed up late for whatever season) with a cup of coffee.

  4. I remember being yelled for from the bottom of the stairs to wake up!!

  5. My youngest (high schooler) is homeschooled, because of a rather severe migraine disorder. We’ve learned through trial and error that she is a little night owl and does much better if she is allowed to sleep herself out. We do her schooling in the late afternoon/early evening (I take morning classes at college and by the time she’s up, I’m done).

    I don’t wake up my college age daughter. She’s in a culinary school that starts at 6am. I get up at 5:20 to drive her in (too far and too early for the bus), but if she is not up, I let her oversleep. My reasoning for this is, she *must* learn to set her own alarm and get up early in the real world, particularly if she wants to make it as a chef. You do not miss work in the high level culinary world that she wants to work in. You are not late. You do not oversleep. It is not heard of. I would rather she get the hard knocks from her chefs at school and see it reflected in a poor grade (which she hates more than anything) than get fired from a good job because she never learned to get herself up. She is getting better at it. When she (on balance) is being responsible about getting up more than she’s oversleeping I will go back to emergency wakeup calls as a courtesy, but I don’t want her depending on it right now.

    I’m a mean mom.

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