Latest nonsense

I picked up my boots from the cobbler at the local mall – they had needed to be reheeled. He put them in a plastic carrier bag for me. I thought nothing of it. I carried on my merry little way in the shopping centre, only to be stopped by a well meaning person wanting to tell me that I should turn my carrier bag inside out. Whyever should I do that, Mrs KnowItAll? Well, you wouldn’t want anyone thinking you actually shop at Marche Adonis, do you? (A non-kosher grocery store that probably stocks products that are kosher.)

Puhleeze, what next??!! They gonna tell me I cannot wear French Connection UK clothing???

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17 responses to “Latest nonsense

  1. it’s one thing if it were a bag from KFC or McDonald’s (& not the kosher branches in israel), but a bag from a non-kosher grocery store is now assur? what next? who knows? that might be the next “all important” shidduch (matchmaking) question that will be asked. “Does the mom carry bags from non-kosher grocery stores inside out or right side up?!” When will the madness end i wonder?!!!

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    Hadassah… 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL! Sorry but I find this so hysterical! Well, at least you are not like the innocent BY girls who use their mommy’s victoria secret bags to bring stuff to school with!

    • their mommies shop at Vicky Secrets?? a shonda, a total shonda!

      • LOL, this reminds me of a photo I have of my mother in law at a family bar mitzvah. She was carrying around a VS bag, it was pretty funny.

      • As far as I know, there is nothing at all wrong with a woman buying fancy undies for herself (and perhaps for her husband[s enjoyment] at the proper times). There may be something wrong with flaunting the fact by using the bag though.

        • Lady Lock and Load

          Mark…they sell all sorts of things at VS not only “fancy” things. Oh, I know, next time I shop there I will bring along a Mc Donalds bag to transfer my stuff into!
          People should just mind their own business and look at their own bags and underwear!!!

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    They say they go there for the plain underwear 😉

  4. Lady Lock and Load

    I would have told Mrs. Know It All “Sorry, but I ran out of KFC bags so I had to use this one!” They don’t call me NASTY WOMAN for nothing!

  5. As long as it wasn’t a bag from Toys in Babeland then I think you’re ok! (If that’s too racy to print, delete!, but you have to admit it would be hilarious to see the look on her face)

  6. How old was this woman? If she was old, then her ways are old and she believes more in what others think of her than of what she actually knows of herself. If she is younger, then she picked up that mishagas from her family. It doesn’t seem very Jewish to keep judging others.

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