I got my baby fix this last weekend. Family and friends with babies came in for my friend’s wedding, and stayed for Shabbat. I got to hold babies, snuggle with them, have them fall asleep on me (which even the crankiest of babies does) and feel my arms go numb. I loved every second of it.

There is nothing in this world yummier than snuggling with a little baby. Of course the fact that if it cries or has a dirty diaper you can give it back, well that’s a good thing too. My youngest is seven. He still comes for morning snuggles and cuddles, but he’s all long legs and arms, and a hug last 2.5 seconds at best. It isn’t the same. That little downy head wedged into your neck, that soft rounded cheek resting on your silk-clad shoulder, drooling through their dreams. The deep rhythmic breathing of a sleeping baby is so relaxing.

I got my baby fix. I am good for the next couple of months.

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13 responses to “Babies

  1. My little one is still small and cuddly enough that I don’t need to worry about baby fixes…yet! lol

  2. Babies are scary. I was hanging out with a pregnant family member this weekend, and I was terrified for my life that either she was too cold walking outside which would definitely kill the baby, or too hot indoors, or was sititng incorrectly, therefore also killing the baby. OF course, she was probably totally fine and knew what she was doing. The bottomline is that this kid has not even been born yet and I am scared witless. Therefore I am not having kidz evar.

  3. couple of months, Hadassah? Is there something u r not telling your cyber community. New husband, new life soon in the United States. Sounds to me like you and Kod have lots of love to give. But then again, I am not every a grandma yet and I am sort of meddling, according to my own daughter.

  4. Gotta love those baby fixes! You need to come with me to TX for the ultimate baby fix (my sister’s triplets.) I head back there tomorrow and can’t wait to be covered in spit up and babies head to toe again. My house seemed sort of quiet when I got home the last time, but boy do I enjoy sleeping at night!!

    • ah, the stackable triplet babies! i think that could possibly give me enough of a baby fix until I have grandchildren…. 😉

  5. Hadassah, cute post. I just got in the snuggle phase. my sone is turning one this week, and never liked to cuddle before, but hes starting to want o lay in my bed from 6-7 in the morning, which is great bc who wants to be up taking care of him from 6-7 in the morning?!?!?!

    anyway, we’d love to see more of your witty comments on our website, check it out when you have the time.

    • oh thats the perfect snuggly age…enjoy it. soon enough he will be a teenager and won’t even want you kissing him…. take it from one who knows!

  6. It is called baby fever, and one day I found mine was gone for good. It’s nice to imagine grandchildren, but give me a few years.

  7. There were some adorable, squishy, little ones for sure this past Shabbos! It was like baby overload!

    Is there anything more priceless than a huge baby grin?

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