Enjoy your food

Enjoy your food. What a concept! Food should be tasted before being swallowed. One inhales fragrances and such, not food. Savour it, taste it, enjoy the textures on your tongue before swallowing. Sigh.

What the heck is the rush with eating and teenage boys? They shovel the food in, as if there is no tomorrow, as if they have not been fed in months! You have spent an hour slaving over a hot stove, and the food is gone in sixty seconds. 2 hours later (if I’m lucky) the bottomless pits are hungry again. There should be a revolving door on my pantry and my fridge. Even better, we should live at the grocery store.

Thank God I am able to feed them healthy food as often as they need it. Thank God I am healthy that I can spend inordinate amounts of time cooking in the kitchen, preparing them their favourite dishes. Thankfully they have learned how to wash dishes and clean up after themselves because all this food preparation exhausts me some days. At least they go to school so my kitchen can stay pristine for a couple of hours in the day!!

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One response to “Enjoy your food

  1. Lady Lock and Load

    ” Even better, we should live at the grocery store.” LOL! You are so funny Hadassah, I love how you write. I told my oldest daughter about your blog and she said “Oh, I’ve read her stuff, came across it one time!” You must be famous in blog land. I would love it if you wrote something for Bina or Mishpacha, all of us can relate to alot of what you write and need to laugh about it!

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