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Why do we need these? I remember seeing green and red ones in the stores for Xmas – we need Chanukah Crackers that have stupid prizes in them now? Why?

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Parent – Teacher Interviews

Today is the day I get to hear about my little darlings and how well (I hope) they are doing in school. Tell me, why can the children themselves not be there to listen to the teacher’s criticism? Why do they have to sit at home waiting to find out their fate?

What’s also ridiculous to me is that they send the kids home early so they can do the Parent Teacher Interviews. Who the heck is supposed to watch the kids when their parents come to the school to squeeze their backsides into tiny little chairs? We don’t all have built in babysitters with our apartments and houses. Today I have to shlepp my little darlings with me. My built-in-babysitter ™ will still be in class in High School.

Today, I guess the kids can wait outside in the foyer while we talk about them behind their back. It just seems wrong. Why can the kid not hear directly from the teacher what he is / is not doing right? By the time I get home and talk to them, the discussion is all mixed up with pride or sadness which totally changes the trajectory of the conversation.

Or alternatively, seeing as they don’t want the kids there, but they want the parents there, why don’t they have some kind of activity to keep the kids occupied while their parents get the low down?

Oh yeah, this is parent teacher for just the secular studies teachers. We get to do this all over again on Sunday for the Rebbeim. Why can we not kill two birds with one stone? Because that would be convenient…and we don’t want that.

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Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

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