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This really takes the cake

I am zipping around town in my fixed van (thank you Claudio) with a couple of the boys. There is a car near us, a new model Lexus SUV, going very slow with its hazard lights on. I was curious why she was going so slow as there was nothing on the roof rack or sticking out the trunk that would have made an obvious reason.

As we passed her I had one of the kids look over at the driver to see if perhaps she needed help or something.

“Ima, she’s texting while she is driving”.

It was rush hour, there was traffic so I was able to keep an eye on what was happening with her. My kid told me when she had stopped texting. Interestingly enough she immediately turned off her hazard lights and accelerated.

Now, in Quebec, texting is against the law in a moving vehicle. You can even get a ticket just for holding your phone or PDA. I cannot, however, decide if this woman was foolish by texting in the car, or if she was smart because she slowed down to text, and she put on her hazards. I think I will stick with foolish, because even though she did slow down and did put the hazards on, it is still dangerous to her and others on the road to text and drive.

What are your thoughts?

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Good Morning! Not!

No school today, a chance for all of us to sleep in, right? Yeah. Not so much. Snow trucks decided that 4 am is a very good time to pass by and wake everyone in the household up. Why do they have to do it so early in the morning? It’s not the street that they are cleaning. We live next to a swanky apartment complex and it seems that they are catching the snowflakes as they fall so that the residents would never have to drive on even a milimetre of snow. All day long they have that snow plow scraping the cobblestones so why do they need to be here at 4 am? Doesn’t this noise wake up their residents too? Of course now that we are all up, I just saw the snow plow leave, its work all finished.

I guess I need to take some of my anti-grumpitol and anti-snarkitol medications with my coffee this morning if I am to get through this day with any sanity intact.

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Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

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