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Beit Twidrash Dictionary

Not a day goes by that I don’t participate in a BeitTwidrash discussion on Twitter, and inevitably there are words and phrases that go right over my head, and I ask the crew to explain them. I guess if I had learned in a yeshivah (oh, and was a male learning in one of those Batei Midrash where they use their thumbs and fists to punctuate discussions) I would know all these terms.

So here is my attempt to pull together a list of terms that the layman/laywoman can use to understand the torah talk on the web. Please note this is just a start – I will add on from the comments as the terms come in. It’s a work in progress. Please publicize it. Thanks.

Adaraba –  it’s the other way! or actually, it’s the opposite!

Aseh – positive commandment

Assur – forbidden

Aveirah – Sin

Avreich – young guy who learns in Kollel

B’dieved – after the fact

Bitul Zman – waste of time

Bochur – a young man

Boosha – embarrassment

Brings Down – cites

Chacham – wise guy

Chavrusa / Chavruta – study partner

Chassunah / Chatunah – Wedding

Chiddush – a new idea

Chosson / Chattan – bridegroom

Davka – specifically intended

Deoraisa – law from the Torah

Derabbanan – law instituted by Rabbis

Gadol, Gedolim – Sage, Sages

Ger – Convert

Get – Divorce

Hashkafa – outlook on Judaism

Harchaka  / Harchakos – distancing behaviours practiced btw husband and wife when wife is Niddah (see Niddah)

Hechsher – mark of kosher certification

Hishtadlus – effort and initiative

Kallah – bride

Kasha – a question; also groats

Kal veChomer – How much more so

Kaveyochil – as if, metaphorically speaking re: God

Ketubah – marriage contract

Kisui Rosh – headcovering

Klaf – parchment

Kofer – heretic

Kvetch – to complain

Lashon – language

Lav – a commandment that was commanded in the negative – thou shalt NOT kill

Lechatchilah – ideally

L’havdil – I’m going to compare two things, but for philosophical reasons don’t take the comparison to be equivalence

Lo Taa’seh – negative commandment (see Lav)

Machlokes – argument

Makir – recognize

Makpid – Particular

Maskim – agrees

Meakev – prevents

Mechutzif – someone who is disrespectful

Meiseh, BubbeMeiseh – Story, Old wive’s tale

Mekarev – bring closer to religion

Mekor – Source

Merachek – push away from religion

Metzious – phenomenon / nature (according to @DovBear facts or essence)

Mikvah – Ritual Bath

Minhag – custom

Minyan – a quorum of ten men

Mistamah – most likely

Mitpachat – headscarf

Mitzvah – positive commandment

Modeh – agree with, recognize

Moser (Mesirah) – to snitch about a fellow Jew to local governement

Muktzah – forbidden to be moved on Shabbat

Muttar – permitted

Nafkaminnah – practical difference

Niddah – a woman during menstruation and for 7 days after until she immerses in Mikvah

Oilam – the world, the ppl around you

Oiver – to be oiver means to transgress

Pasken – to provide a legal decision

Pilpul – splitting hairs in an extreme manner

Pumfakert – just the opposite

Segulah – superstitious Jewish belief that doing something will magically bring about a desired result

Shailah – question

Sheitel – wig

Shidduch – a match (for marriage), dating

Shita – specific view on a topic

Shiur – lesson

Shtim – work in tandem without contradiction, go together

Shver – hard, father-in-law

Shvigger – mother-in-law

Stam – basic, simple….

Takka – it is so

Tayva – desire

Tichel – headscarf

To Hold By – subscribe to the views of, lend credence too

Please add your own…..and feel free to correct existing definitions.

Hat tip @marksofla

Thanks also to @daniopp@jonathan_meola, @yeshivaguy, @DovBear, @esteelavitt, @RabbiGoldberg.

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Kids are too smart these days!

Last night I served chicken and rice for dinner. My kids are all partial to the dark meat, and if given a choice between a thigh and a drumstick they would go for the drumstick. Me too. When I cook a whole chicken there is a limit to how many drumsticks there are –chickens have only  two legs each.

So one of my oh so wise children asked me why “they” don’t genetically modify chickens so that they come with ten legs each. That way everyone in the family will get enough and there will be some chicken left for seconds. I think he is onto something…

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Pemblydd Hapus KoD

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Happy Birthday KoD!!

What a truly awesome day it is. Thank you so much to my MIL (may she live long and be well) and my late FIL (may his memory be a blessing) for bringing you into this world, so that I could one day be married to you. I know we waited for each other for a long time, but it’s truly awesome to be able to celebrate happy events together. Well, almost together. 333 miles apart. But my true love hath my heart and I have his …

So darling KoD, in honour of your birthday, let me tell you some interesting facts about the year of your birth.

  • James Dean was killed in a car crash.
  • South Vietnam was proclaimed a Republic.
  • European communist countries joined Warsaw Pact.
  • West Germany joined NATO.
  • “In God We Trust” required on all US currency.
  • New York’s Long Island Expressway opened.
  • Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, IL.
  • Eisenhower suffered a heart attack.
  • Anthony Eden replaced Winston Churchill as Prime Minister.
  • Disneyland opened.
  • Air Force Academy opened in Colorado.
  • Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus.
  • Minimum wage went up from 75 cents to $1 per hour.

The Movies and the Music of that year.

Best Actor and Actress – Ernest Borgnine and Anna Magnani.

Top Tunes – Dance with me Henry, Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Autumn Leaves, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, Love and Marriage.

Top Movies – Marty, Blackboard Jungle, Mister Roberts, Guys and Dolls.

(the only two items I had ever heard of in this list is Love is a Many Splendored Thing and Guys and Dolls)

American Living                         Then       and           Now

Population (mil)                      165.3                           306.8

New Ford                                $1,800                         $20,900

Average Income                  $4,421                         $50,986

Gas (1 gal)                               $0.29                            $2.37

1st class stamp                     $0.03                        $0.42

Bread (1 lb)                             $0.18                           $3.19

Yes, that’s right, folks, I did not post the year of the KoD’s birth. I am sure you people can work it out.

Hope your birthday is an awesome day, my love! I cannot wait until we can celebrate every birthday and every occasion together in the same postal code!

With love from me and the little princes.

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Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

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