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Dressing to teach in religious schools

In my boys’ school there is a dress code for the teachers. The female teachers have to cover elbows and collarbones, and knees. No trousers / only skirts etc. I have no problem with that, I have no clue how they enforce it if they do. But that’s what it is.

Some other schools insist that the Jewish female teachers who are married have to cover their hair on school property during school hours even if it is not their personal custom to do so. The non-Jewish married female teachers do not have to. Is this taking things too far?

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Oh kids! They do make you laugh!!

I had to go and apply for new Medicare cards for the kids, because somehow I managed to lose them when I took one of the kids to the doc on Friday. Argh! Oldest kid is 14, so he had to come with, as from age of 14 they need a pic on their card. He also had to sign all his forms too.

So the disheveled dude* that was behind the desk gave him the form for him to sign, told him to read it, then sign. Kid looks at me and whispers “do I really have to read it out loud?” I snortled. I laughed. I giggled. The disheveled dude cracked up too. I launched into a lecture about how you must never sign ANYTHING without reading it first. Quietly. To oneself. Then snortled again. Kids can be such literalists.

*Disheveled Dude. Doesn’t the government have dress codes for their workers? This guy had long hippy hair that hadn’t been washed in a decade, an uncombed beard with food crumbs in it. Seriously. Could he not make sure to brush out the crumbs after breakfast? He was dressed in jeans and a rock band tee shirt. I wanted to take him to the barber and then to the store to buy him a suit, or at least some business casual wear. Ick.

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Eleven Divorces?

This article talks about a man who has married and divorced eleven times. He has only one child. He says he gets married, then after two years it’s time to look for fresh meat a new spouse. The women that married him after divorce #3 or #4 – what on earth were they thinking? He obviously has a well established pattern here. Look, people make mistakes, have marriages that were so badly thought out, rebound marriages, marriages that worked for a bit and due to whatever circumstances, divorce was necessary, but this guy doesn’t even try to explain it any other way.

According to the article:

The man, whose divorces were performed both in Israel and abroad in accordance with Halacha [Jewish law], said his custom is to divorce his wives every two years and look for a new bride immediately after.

“I throw out a hook and the fish come on their own,” the man reportedly said.

The Rabbinate should stop allowing this man to get married. It makes a mockery of the whole establishment of marriage. He has no intention of ever staying married. He’s only 50. I am sure he thinks he can get married at least another 15 times. He’s probably religious – otherwise he wouldn’t need a ketubah (marriage contract) for the next “experience”.

Le sigh.

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Dating Question

Shamelessly lifted from Hashkafa.com. I find their posts so entertaining (but probably not in the way they were intended)


Let’s say you set two people up. After a date or two, girl feels very positive, likes him a lot, etc. Guy is not saying no and does want to continue dating but he is not so excited and doesn’t think it will lead anywhere.

Do you:

A) Tell the girl exactly where the guy is holding, so she does not get her hopes up too high?

B) Do not say anything, as being fully honest will effect how the girl acts on the next date as she will lose self-confidence.

The guy wants you to pass along the message as he wants to be fully honest, but it is definately your discretion.

What would you do?

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