Please, proofread your tweets

“94-year-old Grandmother Holocaust survivor left behind 2,500 descendants buried in Kiryas Joel

How did you understand this tweet?

PS what a huge legacy to have so many descendants. May she rest in peace.

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6 responses to “Please, proofread your tweets

  1. the math doesn’t work, or can anyone show me that it does?

  2. Well the story certainly takes a more tragic turn read as written…

  3. the math doesn’t work, or can anyone show me that it does?
    If her great-grandchildren are married and you assume an average of 7 children per descendant per generation, 7^4=2,401. And charedi families are often more like 10 kids per family

  4. but chareidim are not immune from infertility, you can’t assume every child has 7 – but ok possible

  5. Thinking about it, I’m still not totally convinced. Yes each generation may have a minimum of 7 per family, but in large families there may be a spread of 15-20 years between the oldest and youngest. In subsequent generations there may be a spread of 30-40 years between the oldest and youngest first cousin. So she may well have had married great-grandchildren with 7-10 kids, but it’s by no means certain that the youngest great-grandchild would be married and a parent of 7 already — it would be awesome to get the full story of this family.

  6. Her story was carried in Vos Iz Neias a month or two ago. Where they explain that she had 16 children and many of her own children had that many children. It was a family of big families.

    R’ Eliashiv is 99 and has over 3000 living descendants. Honestly Chareid population growth is off the charts. It is an average of 6-7% per year. As opposed to the average population growth of the world which is about 1.19% per year. Israel is 1.71% per year, the US and Canada are at .97% and .90% respectively. See here
    for world wide statistics.

    For Chareidi statistic see

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