Moving Advice Needed

I have the guy from a local moving company coming over today to give me a quote on how much it would be to pack us up and move us to the States as soon as those darn visas come through. I told him I want three separate quotes. One for packing us up. One for moving all the boxes only. And One for moving boxes and the kids’ beds and a couple of other small pieces of furniture. Our house in NY is furnished so most of my furniture will be sold or given away before we move. I need to figure out what makes more financial sense – to pay for the kids’ furniture to be moved, or to buy them new in NY. I could sell some pieces here for a few bucks. I just need to figure out what’s cost effective and/or the better plan.

I could totally pack up this apartment myself. (Ha!) Well, my friends would all help me, as would the kids. It is an added expense having the movers do it. My thinking is this  -that I could either save money and do it myself, or (if it isn’t too expensive to have them pack me up) do this move as stress free as possible, allowing me to concentrate on supporting the kids though the move without being a humongous ball of nerves. As soon as we get to NY I have to get the kids ready for school and settled. If I am a wreck that will be so much harder.

Last time we moved, three years ago, I was a total mess. It was so stressful and hard and heartbreaking. I think I cried for 3 weeks straight. It was different circumstances, to be sure, but the stress was incredible. Even though this is a move we ALL want, and have been anticipating for months, there is still bound to be a lot of tension.

Help me out here, oh experienced folk.

ETA @RecoveryRabbi on Twitter just told me that when you move long distance the company won’t insure your stuff unless they pack it themselves. Anyone else hear of this?

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29 responses to “Moving Advice Needed

  1. My advice is that if you can afford it, definitely have people pack you up. It takes a lot of the stress off.

    My other suggestion is to checkout the website

    They are good at quotes and and the movers with them are customer rated, so you have a better feel for what you are getting.

    My wie and I used the website four times in three different geographical locations and it was always a big help.

  2. Go with a reputable moving company, rather than the cheapest price. once your stuff is on the truck, i have heard of some companies essentially holding it “hostage” for more money (because it took longer, weighed more etc etc).

    If i was able to afford having the movers pack, i would have totally gone for it. i’m not sure how much bedroom furniture would cost to replace. When we moved in the end i think it cost roughly 3000$ (with me packing) and that included 45 days of storing our stuff.

  3. well if it was me I would advertise on craigslist or among my friends (among your 14 yr old son’s friends maybe?) that I would pay them some amount each to lift and carry stuff into a van. I would pack everything myself, rent a truck, have my friends or craigslist people pack up the truck for some amount that is much cheaper than what ‘real’ movers charge, drive the truck down myself, and pay some kids on the other side to unload it. I’m 100% sure you can find some monsey kids willing to unload your truck for cheap (maybe $50-$100 each?)

    Then again I have very few valuable things that I care about being broken. And honestly, if I move this summer I’m probably going to pay movers to do most of that stuff, but that’s only if I can get my job to pay for it. Moving can run into the the thousands of dollars.

    • Just reading that first paragraph I am stressed! packing up 5 people’s worth of stuff plus kitchen – and coordinating all those folk…I don’t know if I could do it and stay sane.

      • i would also be very stressed to do it all myself. i think it is especially risky to rent a truck & do it all yourself b/c you are bound to run into border problems not to mention that you will need to return the truck back to canada so i don’t see this idea as feasible.

        i think you should definitely hire a reliable company & since you have one already that is GREAT! the more they can help you out, the better unless there is a HUGE difference in the cost of them packing versus you doing the packing. then again, if that is the law with international moves then you don’t even have the option of packing yourself.

        my guess (but it is only a guess) is that shlepping the furniture will probably be cheaper than buying new ones there plus it’ll be stressful to have to go shopping for all those items once you arrive in addition to getting the kids settled in school & stuff.

        you will find out all the answers you need once you get the quotes from the movers & then you will be able to make a final educated decision.

        i will end by saying that my husband & i have found the whole moving experience to be traumatic (& we only relocated twice-once within the same building from a 1 BR-2BR appt. & the second time from NY-NJ). the less stressful you can make it, the happier you will be!

        i hope those darn visas will arrive ASAP so that this move will finally happen!!

      • ha, well I guess I’ve moved a lot and don’t have 5 people worth of stuff (just 2…ok more like 3 people’s worth of stuff even though there’s only 2 of us cause my husband is a pack rat). But I don’t really think it’s that stressful. It’s kinda fun to go through all your stuff and purge out stuff (and also find useful stuff you didn’t remember you had).

  4. When we moved 6+ years ago we had 5 kids at the time and I was not working, so I did most of the packing myself — I started about 6 months in advance though, packing things that I knew we would not be using. We had a lot of stuff, obviously. I am always frugal and thought I’d never pay for packing, but as we got close to the move date I realized I would never be able to do the kitchen. So we had the movers pack the kitchen & all the utensils etc, which turned out to be a great compromise because it didn’t really take them that long and we didn’t have to survive for even one day in a bare kitchen. Also, it was 3 weeks after Pesach and I probably just couldn’t face packing up a kitchen so soon. The thing is, packing yourself, you know where everything is. It was very easy for me to unpack since everything I packed was clearly labeled and organized. Plus I was able to throw out a lot of junk along the way. I remember someone saying that the movers who packed for her packed everything, even her garbage can with garbage in it!!!


  5. I’m a big fan of paying others to do the work…whenever I can. Anything that lessens stress is a good idea.

  6. when you move long distance the company won’t insure your stuff unless they pack it themselves.
    When we made aliyah (which was admittedly eleven and a half years ago – so things might’ve changed in the meantime), we had to leave all the breakables (the furniture, the dishes, etc.) for the movers. We packed things like books and clothes ourselves.

  7. Movers typically will include valuation, which is another name for insurance, as part of their quote.
    There are 3 possible types: .60 cents per lb. per piece; depreciated valuation; and replacement cost valuation. There is a premium for the depreciated and replacement value coverages. The .60 cents per lb. per article is free.
    Most reputable movers will cover your items even if you pack the items yourself. As long as you can show negligence on their behalf in moving, loading, or transportation.
    If you do decide to do some of the packing yourself I would recommend keeping a numbered inventory of the boxes that you pack along with a description of the major items within each packed carton. This will come in useful for both the moving company and and customs.
    Requesting the 3 quotes is a smart idea, just remember, if you tell the mover to supply you with a quote that exludes items that you plan on discarding or selling, you should do your best to get rid of the items as including them will change your quote.

  8. Lady Lock and Load

    Wondering if I am allowed to throw a party when you move here because I am in availus…don’t worry I will do SOMETHING!

  9. Lady Lock and Load

    I may not be able to hire the male dancers 😦

  10. Having moved a few times, the best thing we ever did to eliminate stress was to have the movers pack us up.

    As a control freak and a little high strung, I didn’t think it would sit well to cede authority to someone else, but the stress of estimating boxes needed, wrapping things carefully, packing awkwardly-sized items…best investment we ever made to let the professionals handle it.

    Make sure you call their references, verify they are insured, and see that they communicate well and are respectful and friendly.

  11. Remember Hadassah, if you have a mover, anything that you pack, you are responsible for. So, your beautiful dishes, glasses, candlesticks, etc. are things I would have the movers pack. As far as taking the childrens beds, etc. I think it would be cheaper to buy new then to have the movers move them. I would ask my children what means the most to them of “our things” or they can pick a certain # of things and that’s it for us to take and the rest will be sold. U r starting a new life, start with new things that you and KoD will fill your house together. I hope that having the movers come in with quotes with move the process of the visas along and it will all fall into place… ASAP.

    • rebecca, although it sounds nice to start afresh, it may not make sense financially but i guess hadassah can figure that out if she already got the differnent quotes from the movers. buying new beds & all can be very pricey & if the old ones are in good condition it may pay for her to bring them with her b/c she probably wouldn’t get much for them if she tried to sell them, i would think. if money was no object, i would def agree that she should buy new things in the US, but i don’t believe that that is in fact the situation…

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