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Letter Writing Campaign

It’s been almost eleven months since the KoD and I were married. 11 months where we have spent maybe 70 days total together.  We are both beyond frustrated that we are not yet able to live together under the same roof. We started the application process to procure visas for myself and for my sons to move to the States soon after we were married. We were told it would take a maximum of 5 months. We have been in touch with the offices of the local congressman, and more recently, our local Senator, Charles Schumer. We have been told we just have to be patient and wait our turn.

I am reaching out to you, my readers, for your help. Those of you who live in the States could really be of assistance. If we get enough people to write to our Senator mentioning my case (I would supply the text) and asking for this to be looked into it might be enough to expedite matters so that we are reunited as soon as possible.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Do you want to help us out? This would be a tremendous mitzvah. If you wish to have the opportunity to partake in this effort, post below that you wish to join. Then please send me an email to InThePinkBlog@gmail.com including your full name and email address. I will then forward to you the text of the letter to send to our senator. I will ask that you not share these details with anyone else. The more people that you can ask to join us, the better the outcome will be.

Thank you so much, from me, the KoD and the princes.

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Today’s Rant

It is not funny when you make jokes about my weight. I have told you that before. We all know I am a skinny wench. I have asked you on numerous occasions to not bring it up again. Ever. And you agreed.

Today – today, you told me not to travel by air anywhere, because when they would put me through the body scanner they would see no “body” only bones that would look like sticks of dynamite. Oh how you laughed. Did you notice that you were the only one laughing? You went on to say, again, how my husband should fatten me up. Again you were the only one laughing. I invented an excuse to get off the phone and hung up.

It doesn’t matter how many times I ask you not to do it, you can’t help yourself. There’s no point in wasting my breath. I need to talk to you on occasion, but lately the experience has been less than satisfactory. I think next time you can just insult my answering machine.

I am a person with feelings. Thin people have feelings too.

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Scrambled Eggs

Ok, I hate being away from the KoD even for a minute. But it allows me an occasional indulgence. I love to have ketchup with my scrambled eggs. It’s how I was brought up. Occasionally I will have mayonnaise, but more often than not it’s ketchup. The smell of the ketchup mixing with the eggs just grosses him out, and out of respect I will use salsa instead when I am with him. Somehow that’s not as bad.

Do you agree with KoD that it’s just gross or do you agree with me that scrambled eggs are nothing without ketchup?

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Dating Stories

Share your awesome or awful dating stories here. Let us know whether they were first dates, last dates, blind dates or fresh dates.

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Gashmius vs. Ruchnius

I heard this statement yesterday and got very offended.

“In a marriage men have the final say when it comes to Ruchnius (spiritual matters) and the women have the final say when it comes to Gashmius (material matters)”

Shouldn’t marriage be a partnership? What could this Rabbi have possibly meant? The person with whom I was speaking told me this was heard from a rabbi some time ago. As soon as I heard this the buzzing started in my head. Is this another misogynistic statement from the rabbis or could there be merit to it? Did the Rabbi mean that women are more materialistic than men, or that women would make sure that the house didn’t become too focused on material items? Did he mean that men are more spiritual because they daven 3 times a day and supposedly learn more? Unfortunately my “source” did not remember much of the original lecture so couldn’t expand much on it.

Have you heard of such a thing? Can you let me know your thoughts?

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