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WWYD? – kids

Kids can be very enterprising, and I like to encourage that in my sons. However, a scenario opened itself up before me and I am wondering how to proceed.

We go through hot chocolate in this house very fast, especially in the winter. I buy the large canisters of the chocolate powder. I generally have to replace it every 10 days to 2 weeks. So whenever I go shopping I pick up another one.

It came to my attention that a half finished canister was taken to school, another one opened to fill its space on the shelf. Now, sometimes they ask permission to take a box of cereal to school and sometimes even hot chocolate. Permission was not sought till much later. It was also brought to my attention (I hate when siblings tattle on each other, but sometimes it’s necessary) that the child who took it to school is charging his classmates a dollar a spoonful so they can have hot cocoa with their breakfast.

Now, part of me is proud of him – he identified a need, is filling it and making a profit. Quite a large profit. But he practically stole the cocoa. He did eventually tell me that he took it to school. He didn’t say it was for personal use, but he didn’t tell me he was selling it.

What do I do? His brother did the right thing by telling me, but the kid would know in an instant who told on him. I want the child to understand that if he had asked me we might have been able to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Does the money he made belong to him or to me? Do I make him give me all his profits? How would you handle it?

Just to note – I am not angry, not at all, I just want the right lesson to be learned from this.

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