Goodbye to you my trusted friend

Well, the van is fixed. It’s no longer safe for highway driving. I don’t exactly understand what happened to it, other than some plug thing falling out and the engine overheating etc. It’s ok to use it for local stuff, but no longer highway worthy.

I will go pick it up at the garage today and bring it home, take my stuff out of it, and return it to my neighbour. He’s not going to be happy with me. He will worry how I will manage without a car. But I am not willing nor able to sink more money into a car that is not mine. I am not willing to drive such a rickety old car anymore. It served us very well and I will be forever grateful. But I am no longer prepared to take the risk anymore.

Luckily all the shops are local and there is great public transport and in a pinch I could always cab it. My friends that have cars have offered to help out too. Hopefully this is only temporary anyway because those visas will be coming soon (Do you hear me Uncle Sam?). I have looked into car rentals for when I have to drive down to NY – not cheap. I wondered if perhaps I could rent a car for a month and it would be cheaper. Nope.

It totally bites that I have a NEW town and country van parked in my garage in Monsey and I am stuck up here in Montreal without a car. Why is this? This will explain.

Having a car spells freedom for me. I love to get behind the wheel and just drive. Truth is though, at the moment, I feel like I never want to drive on the highway again, after what happened last week. The KoD and I will work it out with weekends etc – but again, hopefully we won’t have to do this for much longer.

I need more coffee.

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12 responses to “Goodbye to you my trusted friend

  1. If I weren’t so baroque, I would buy you a Van Gogh.

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    This guy was a real tzadick for letting you use his car for all this time! Such a mitzvah! So you’re not coming this shabbos 😦

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    If it works out, let me know what meal you want to come for! Oh, and your side kick KoD too! 🙂 I haven’t seen you in ages (it feels like). Didn’t hear about any snow this week, hopefully it will be good travel weather. Davening the visas will come soon!

  4. so sorry that you must say good-bye to the car
    :(! i wish you luck managing without out which i’m sure will be challenging but i’m hopeful that the visas will come soon & then this won’t even be an issue…

  5. I sent my letter off to Schumer on your behalf but my son Joey, who’s way more into politics than I am, posits that Schumer won’t help because he’s already a big enough fish not to NEED to help anybody.
    Our other Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, is newer to the scene and according to Joey, therefore more likely to stick his neck out for you….
    Just a thought.

  6. You would think so, wouldn’t you?
    But once they’re elected and well established, the “little fish” sort of have to swim on their own…
    Sometimes newcomers work harder.
    Think about the difference between how a new young babysitter plays w/ your kids vs. one who is heading off to seminary and just wants to make a few dollars….

  7. Didn’t know that bit about not being able to rent a car in the States and drive it into Canada…when we did it for Sukkot our first year in Montreal, on our way back into Canada, the customs guy told us “Next time, you can either rent the car in the States OR I can let you bring stuff back in under exemptions, BUT NOT BOTH” Made us think it was ok to do, but that would be our only exemption (which, of course, is not terribly worthwhile to us).
    Now, we’ll just have to rent here in Montreal from now on – better than being stopped at border with entire family and suitcases and shopping exemptions packed in to the car and being told to turn around.

  8. Just a question, but could anyone you know donate frequent flyer miles or free trips they may have accrued?

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