Help Me Help a Friend

I have a friend over the pond in London UK who is currently expecting her first child and would like it to be born NOW. Her tweet of this morning was that eating Chinese food didn’t work. It’s been long known that eating Chinese food is supposed to send women into labour. It worked with me every single time, but hasn’t worked for her.

Can we give K some tried tested and true tips on how to encourage that baby to come out and meet his / her folks?


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17 responses to “Help Me Help a Friend

  1. i know it sounds funny but dancing the kazatzka is supposed to induce labor b/c it involves deep knee bends! also, lots of walking is also supposed to help but i guess the baby will come when it is ready to make its grand appearance-b’sha’ah tovah!

  2. K, this actually helped me while I was have irregular and infrequent contractions. It also helped a friend of mine when she was trying to self induce:
    Do this against a wall for support and make sure there is someone there to help get back up:

    stand with legs shoulder width apart up against the wall, slowly move down the wall into a squatted position, stop at the point when you begin to feel the pressure of the baby moving down (trust me you will feel it) and hold for 5 slow breaths. Slowly move back up the wall and stand for 5 slow breaths. Repeat *quick note about this stretch, it allows for natural movement of the baby to engage in the birth canal so there is a small chance of causing a spontaneous water break*

    The only other thing that I’ve actually had several doctors tell me work is… sex. There are many reasons why it can induce labor and all of them are more specific than I am willing to delve into at this early morning. All of the reasons that it can induce is the reason why, especially in high risk pregnancies, some doctors recommend not to during the last trimester.

  3. I heard black liquorice (the real stuff) is supposed to help. For details, Google the keywords: black liquorice effects labor.

    An old friend just finally gave birth on Friday after a long wait; I know she was getting kinda jittery, so I hope your friend is staying as relaxed as possible under the circumstances. Whatever happens, it should be beSha’ah Tovah!

  4. i heard that spicey foods is supposed to get things going…and eh…activities surrounding what got her pregnant to begin with (how’s THAT for Tsnius??)

  5. Thanks so much, ladies! And yes, let’s keep it vague so that they don’t sic the internet Vaad Hatznius on poor Hadassah. Tried the stretch, now going to bathe in clary sage oil. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  6. castor oil. works every time.

  7. oh and someone told me it helps to visualize the cervix opening …….

  8. Castor oil works to get your intestines working, and you end up on the toilet more often than not. Our midwife (and several sites I’ve visited) strongly advise against castor oil, so that’s one which I don’t think we’ll use unless they’re dangling the IV of pitocin in my face.

    So far, we’ve tried:

    Evening Primrose Oil (both ways)
    Spicy food
    Raspberry Leaf Tea capsules
    Bouncing on a birth ball
    Long walk
    Bathing in Clary Sage Oil
    Natural human prostaglandins (both ways!)
    Reflexology (ankles and sacrum)

    I had one mother of a contraction at 3.30 this morning, then nothing. Same thing happened the night before. I want a sign that says “40 weeks pregnant – will try everything!”

  9. Babies come out when they’re good and ready, and there’s no way to really know if any of those methods actually work.
    Just relax.

  10. add to the list, fresh pinapple, more reflexology, and drinking another womans breast milk, mixed with egg (?)… i’m not sure the mix, ask your local chassidish rebbetzin for the exact segulah.

  11. Lady Lock and Load

    Dear K, wow, beshaah tova, may you have an easy labor and a healthy baby! My three girls were all born late, two were 11 days late, my earliest was a week late! The worst was the phone calls…You still there?
    I am glad you are NOT considering castor oil….tried it and did not do a darn thing but made me sick, horrible!
    What I can suggest to you is to eat well and do things you enjoy, relax, get a manicure pedicure for those toes that are hard to reach right now, and….SLEEP!!!! because once you have a baby that is a rare commodity (till they get on some sort of schedule). Good luck! 🙂

  12. This a proven thing after Yom Kippur there is a mad rush of deliveries, just ask Hatzalah in NY they are very much aware of this phenom.

    Try to fast for a day.

  13. I walked. I had been on bedrest and a dear friend came to visit whom I hadn’t seen in 15 years. So we went to the mall and walked and walked. Evan came shortly thereafter 🙂

  14. simulating nursing can help. 10 days early with my first, 4 weeks early with my second. If your husband won’t help, use a nursing pump.

  15. I don’t know if you have access to Jewish books, but when my late wife had an extended pregnancy/labor with our first child, we put a “Noam Elimelech” under her pillow on a Friday and the baby was delivered that weekend.

  16. Thanks for all your suggestions! We’ve tried most of them and it looks like the baby just doesn’t want to budge for the time being. I do have access to Jewish books, so I’ll try the Noam Elimelech, maybe on erev Shabbos. I’m so freaking hungry all the time (husband has made me extra portions of food this last week, sweet!) that fasting might not be an option! I hadn’t heard about the breastmilk and egg, but my rebbetzin is the only woman I know over here (I’m not from England, I grew up in Toronto) who is breastfeeding so it might be a bit of an odd ask.

    The baby seems to have moved down even further, and my husband has been encouraging it to come out by telling it all about the amazing snow we’ve seen here in England. I’m just afraid the baby will be blasé about the snow because it’s half-Canadian! 🙂

  17. The only way I know is to have a really good reason why it shouldn’t come that day. Good old Murphy and his law- schedule yourself with important things, and Hashem will laugh and send you a baby. Clearing your schedule so you don’t mess anything up or disappoint people is like watching the pot or bringing an umbrella.

    On a more practical note, someone I know cleaned her entire house, including windows and floors. Baby came that evening. Clean house too- very, very practical.

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