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So the twittersphere is all abuzz over the Shorty awards. People voting left and right. @Meira_D nominated me for a #blogger award, and @MarkSoFla – well there wasn’t a category for his vote per se, but it touched my heart. You guys are awesome people. Thank you. The rest of you – thank you so much for your continued support. I feel so surrounded with love and light.


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Just a Question?

Prince ChatterBox is 7 and comes up with the most amusing sentences and questions most of the time. What he asked me this morning gave me pause. “Ima, right if a father dies all his stuff goes to his real kids not his step-kids?”

Now, the child didn’t seem distressed about anything, worried or unduly anxious. It seemed to me that it was just a question – why is the earth round kind of thing.

I answered him honestly, that according to Halacha he was indeed right. I did not add (@marksofla) that his oldest brother would apparently get twice the others’ share because why add to the sibling rivalry?!

I was rushing him off to school so I didn’t have time to pick his brain as to the origin of the question. It’s probably just a question, right?

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Car Rental

So I am looking into car rentals for my next trip down to NY. It’s doing my head in. there are a bunch of different companies that have different extra fees / charges that more or less double the price of a rental.

Below I show you the price of a weekly rental from two companies – and the hidden fees. Some companies charge more if you drive it to the States. Some charge for extra mileage. I need to work out what is the most economic to do. If I am renting a car, I want to rent it for a day or two extra so that I can run some longer distance errands here in Montreal.

I just wish there was some way of calling up a company and saying get me the best price, and have the car waiting on Thursday at 9 am. Oh and have someone else pay for it too.

Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated. I posted on luach.com to see if someone can give me a ride down and back, or if maybe someone wants a ride and is willing to share the cost with me.

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