Ah the smell of the open road

Later today I pick up the Ford Focus or similarly sized car from the car rental place. The kids seem a lot more excited about it than I am. Maybe it’s because they are boys and I am so not a boy? They probably won’t even get to be driven in it! They asked me insane questions like how many miles to the gallon, does it have cruise control, what about remote start and mp3 player capability? Um, it drives from a to b and back again? What else do I need to know?

I spent hours this week researching and comparing prices and eventually I got an awesome deal. Unfortunately it isn’t FREE but a lot less than the prices I was originally quoted. Thank you all for the codes and suggestions. It would have been even less but the KoD was worried about me driving a tiny car on the windy highways and being buffeted around too much. So for him I went with something bigger. (What is it with men and cars? *shakes head*)

This drive will de very different from the last one, although, to be totally honest with you, I am still traumatized and scared to get behind the wheel. Logically I know that rental cars are newer and in much better shape than the DustBuster I was driving all these months. Rationally I know that if God-forbid something does happen, the rental company will sort me out. Emotionally I am scared / scarred. Every little noise is going to make me worry.

I haven’t driven a sedan in years. I am so used to driving minivans and SUVs and being higher on the road. I am a good driver and a safe one, and I know with God’s help I will be fine. I know once I have the border crossing behind me (are the Americans more prone to stopping people in rental cars? Or will I have less trouble this time?) and I hit the I-87 for the 2.5 hours stretch to Albany and thence to the thruway I will be less stressed and perhaps able to relax.

I am actually hoping it has cruise control. The DustBuster had it at one time, but never while I was driving it. It does make long distance driving and speeding ticket avoidance much easier. Oh and I am looking forward to being toasty warm the entire way and not being able to see my breath in front of me. Ah the things we take for granted these days.

All that being said, I cannot wait to see my KoD. It’s been eleven days since I last saw him and I miss him more than words could ever express. Let’s hope that today brings some positive immigration news.

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One response to “Ah the smell of the open road

  1. I hope so and I am sure that your trip will be a lot less stressful.

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