Fun Meme

The latest Facebook meme (not the bra colour, that was so last week) is to change one’s avatar to a picture from yesteryear. I love seeing my trendy and chic friends exhibiting the terrible fashion of the 70s and 80s along with those ridiculous hairstyles. I have a favourite few pictures of myself from back when I was a little girl. Not many of me on my own, being a twin and all, but I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of those pictures with you, just cause I was so darn cute back then!!

Number One is my absolute favourite – look how cute I was.

Number Two – on the beach somewhere in Wales. (Mum – Caernarvon? or something with a P? Mum replied: Penarth or Porthcawl, probably Porthcawl)

Number Three – this was taken in Israel.

Number Four – this was in Boro Park. I cut my brothers out of the shot, because, well – it’s bad enough you get to see how *I* was dressed!!

This one was cute:

Fine, I will post one from the teen years, this taken in Switzerland:

I challenge my fellow bloggers to do the same on their blogs…and put some linkage in the comments…

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20 responses to “Fun Meme

  1. Wow, I can actually see your face in #3. Nothing beats that one of you doing the cheerleader pose. MORE FROM THOSE YEARS!

    • I have no clue to which picture you refer. I was never a cheerleader. Us religious British girls never did that sort of thing. (polishing my halo)

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    adorable, you were so cute! ….but you are showing knees! GASP! The tznius police is stirring….:)

  3. Really great pictures, you were a cute kid! I like the first one best too.

    • i love the pix I have with me and my twin. He was adorable. He is still adorable. But we were oh so cute together

      • ahh now I see you added more pictures to the post. In the second to last one you were cute too, and I see your face resemblance.

        I can imagine, I love the pictures of me and my twin too, we took professional pictures 2 times, once when we were 2 and once when we were 3. Then there are the pictures my mother took, which are all so memorable.

  4. I can’t participate – I REFUSE to digitize some of my old pics.

    Those red glasses – are classic. 😀

  5. The many faces of Hadassah! I would chalk it up to the hairstyle or accessories, but honestly, you look different at each stage. You currently look most like the 5th snapshot.

  6. Whoa – how many placesn have you lived?

  7. i would love to, but I only have 2 pictures from my early childhood and they are not scanned into my computer (and I don’t know how to work the scanner).

  8. Re: your teen years…
    I remember the big hair and massive bordeaux colored glasses – had both myslef, rotfl.
    Gotta love what the fashion deciders can make us do, no?
    Thanks for sharing, brave woman.

    • i used to blow dry my hair upside down and it was stiff from all the mousse. I also had huge white glasses too. Shudder.

      • Yeah, my hair was longer and when we prepared for bed we would throw our hair upside down, tie it up with an old sock (no lines), and sleep with it in an ultra-high pony tail to keep it trained for “height”.
        Ah, the memories…..

  9. I don’t know how to put a picture on, so I can’t share in the fun and secondly, when were you in Boro Park and where? I was born and lived there until I was 21. We are not frum but my mother’s cousin, Rabbi Usher Katz ( of blessed memory) bought her house. His wife Lifshe lives in Monsey now near her children. What a small world if you knew any of them. I don’t know Lifshe childen’s names or I did but don’t remember. I lived on 58th and 13th Avenue and my Dad had a furniture store on 13th Avenue.

  10. I still have those glasses…just sitting in a drawer.

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