Rabbi Mouse?

I just saw this on my Facebook and I just had to ask my readers here. My apartment building has a problem with mice. I hate mice. They make me scream and be all hysterical female which is so not a role I am comfortable with (snortle). I saw a mouse last night. The boys went into saviour mode with brooms and mops. They didn’t find it, so then they tried convincing me I was seeing things (while at the same time teasing their youngest brother that the mouse had found a home in his school bag).

So one of my friends said that her brother had learned in yeshiva in Israel that there was a picture of a certain rebbe you have to put up on the wall in your house, and no more mice. One look, I guess, and they run away. She wasn’t sure which one, but she said that’s what he learned.

Any of you ever hear anything like this before??

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27 responses to “Rabbi Mouse?

  1. LOL! That has to be a joke.

  2. oh it is no joke, check out addrabbi’s post on the subject:

  3. Best segulah to remove mice – http://bit.ly/3tokPu

    • snortle

      • But I’m serious. The procedure is as follows:

        1. Get some of those special amulets as described at the link above.
        2. Prepare them by putting special foodstuffs in them.
        3. Carefully put them in each room (especially the kitchen as that room seems to have special power in this case) in the corners.
        4. Make the proper bracha, in most cases it will be “hamotzei achbar min habayit”, but there are variants such as “hamotzei chuldah min habayit”.

        If you have the proper kavanah, and if you prepare the house properly (one important part of this segulah is to ensure that all food is put away in closed cabinets), it almost always works.

        • can a woman make the bracha or does it have to be her husband who is over barmitzvah and actually SAW the mouse? If he didn’t see the mouse himself can he make the bracha?

        • Mark,
          You forgot the very important “hole stuffing” ceremony – also called “creating gedarim”.
          (in all seriousness… you gotta find where they are coming IN from and BLOCK IT OFF…)

  4. or here on parshablog:

    for some reason the links to the actual picture seem to be broken..

  5. OK So i should have googled, but i really thought it was a BubbeMeiser – look what i found here

    The Famous Mouse Story-

    Affectionately known as Reb Shaya’le (Rabbi Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir), the Kerestirer Rebbe lived around the beginning of the 20th Century. He was a very pious man and extremely humble, always referring to himself in the diminutive (Shaya’le). He was known as a “miraculous” person. His greatest pleasure was to host a very elaborate Melave Malka, the meal that follows Shabbos, on Saturday night. Often he would have his chassidim shecht fresh chickens for his meal.

    One motzo’ay Shabbos, while Reb Shaya’le was eating this special melave malka meal, a chossid came to him with an urgent request. He was a man who had a warehouse full of foodstuffs and he made his living by buying an selling food. For the past number of months, his warehouse had been taken over by mice who were eating his grain and other commodities and his entire livelihood was threatened. He asked Reb Shaya’le for a blessing that the mice should leave his warehouse. At that time, each small town in Europe was ruled by the local church pastor. Some of the pastors were kind towards the Jews and others were very harsh. Reb Shaya’le asked the chossid if the pastor of the town he lived in was kind or harsh. The chossid replied that he was very harsh toward the Jews. Reb Shaya’le then instructed the chossid to go to his warehouse and to tell the mice, “Reb Shaya’le says to go to the estate of the pastor.” The chossid followed the Rebbe’s advice and instantly hundreds of mice raced out of the warehouse all heading in the direction of the pastor’s estate. The chossid’s business was saved and ever since Jews who have been plagued with this problem have used Reb Shaya’le’s picture to accomplish the ridding of mice from their homes.

    HSM: I must say that I am still rolling my eyes….

  6. Lady Lock and Load

    Yes, I have heard of this! I can really relate, as you know, to your dread of mice. One of my friends in the city got this thing that emits a high pitched noise that humans can’t hear but mice can and they hate it so they stay away. she said it worked! Hopefully you will get the visas soon so you can move away from the mouse infested apartment.
    My cats would just love to play/eat a mouse 😉

  7. I hear another great segulah to protect against mice is to get a cat. 🙂 It definitely worked in my old apartment, where I would sit in my living room and watch a parade of mice run from the kitchen to the living room behind my couch every night.

  8. LLL, I have used those since I’m deathly allergic to cats, and found them to be very effective. I can’t do traps. I cry and feel sorry for the mice.

    • i hate causing harm to any living being, i need to find humane traps…

      • Lady Lock and Load

        Hadassah, please explain to the mice that they are NOT to come with you when you move to monsey…besides, they have no visas!!! And lady lock and load’s cats are very hungry, @$#%(*& diet, grrrr!

  9. Here is what you do. You call of the mice into the home and then explain that they are inside a shul.

    After that you need merely to Bar Mitzvah them and they’ll never come back to shul again.

  10. Sick of them

    Ever since I have moved to Brooklyn I have had to deal with mice…I have put poison, traps, closed up holes with steel wool…u name it I have done it….I also went out to buy the ultrasonic pest repeller….it works but not 100% with mice. I have seen dramatic improvement but not as much as I want to…like for them to leave and never come back again!!! Anyways I was at a friends house this evening and she told me about this “Mouse Rabbi” she said that it’s a photo of a rabbi that when the mice see it they get frightened and they litterally grab their families and run….and it really works….I need to find this photo…anyone know where I can but it? Please I need to get rid of them!!! My landlord is still denying that there is a problem…even with the photos I took of the amount that I have caught in the six months of living there!

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