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School Survey – Haiti Tragedy

Our school has done exactly nothing (that I am aware of) to raise money for Haiti. For shame. My boys have each made donations from their own money at our local kosher grocery store. Just because the school is doing nothing, it doesn’t mean my children should not be aware of the tragedy.

What have your kid’s schools done to raise money and awareness of the situation in Haiti? And what type of school is it?

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I need to see that?

No! Euw! Look, I know I run to the laundry room in my sweats, and pop to the garbage chute similarly attired, but even so I am clothed head to toe. I don’t need to bump into you, oh elderly decrepit grumpy neighbour, in the hallway outside my door and see your manky dingy boxer shorts hanging off your scrawny behind yet somehow hiked up to your chest in the front (shudder) as you shuffle your way to the garbage room or laundry room. You can’t throw on a pair of pants or something? I nearly lost my lunch….

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Bumming around the house

You are home all day. You don’t plan on going anywhere. You have laundry to do and floors to mop and supper to cook. No one is expected to visit. Do you stay in your pajamas all day? Do you get showered but dress in sweats? Do you shower and dress, put make up on? Do you have a spouse and does that make a difference in your answer?

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We don’t care about stuff like that

Is this a kid thing, a male thing, or just other people?

My son called me yesterday from school while I was out running errands. He had wanted to bring a friend home in his lunch break to install a program on his computer. (He got a hand me down computer from another friend this weekend.)

I said that the house was flying, and I really didn’t want him to bring anyone over until I had had the chance to organize and clean it. Plus his bedroom was not exactly in a welcoming state either. He told me that he doesn’t care about that kind of thing, that it only matters to me, and that they won’t notice the mess. Plus his side of the room was fine. (Hmm, his definition and mine don’t gel. Interesting).

I still put the kibosh on the whole idea. I explained to him that I wasn’t comfortable having any guests until the house met my standards of cleanliness and neatness. He thinks I am crazy. When he says that boys don’t care about mess, he is certainly right. (I just sent him back to his room to pick up hangers off the floor – how can he not notice that they are there? In plain sight!! Argh!)

Would you have done the same or am I obsessed with cleanliness as the kid claims I am?

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