School Survey – Haiti Tragedy

Our school has done exactly nothing (that I am aware of) to raise money for Haiti. For shame. My boys have each made donations from their own money at our local kosher grocery store. Just because the school is doing nothing, it doesn’t mean my children should not be aware of the tragedy.

What have your kid’s schools done to raise money and awareness of the situation in Haiti? And what type of school is it?

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15 responses to “School Survey – Haiti Tragedy

  1. the sad part is that none of the yeshivas from the most MO to the most yeshivish care about doing current events anymore. not too long ago we all used to have to clip newspapers and report and discuss what is going on in the world. how insular and close minded we have become across the spectrum of yeshivas and days schools in north america. even weekly reader and junior scohlastic have disappeared. for shame.

    • Oy, you are oh so wrong! Both of my childrens’ Yeshivas have tried encouraging us parents to donate $$ to the Haiti devastation. my son’s Yeshiva HS encouraged the parent body to donate thru the OU website & my daughter’s elementary school is collecting $1 from each 4-8 grader in the school to encourage participation in this fundraising effort. please be careful to refrain from making sweeping generalizations about how NONE of the yeshivas care about current events b/c nothing is further from the truth.

      • one more point Oy is that you should definitely take a look at the ou (Orthodox Union) website which is a very mainstream Orthodox organization that is trying to collect funds from the Orthodox community to send to Haiti. they explain that as Jews we are Rachmanim Bnei Rachmanim (compassionate ppl who are sons of compassionate ppl) & it is our duty to help other human beings who are suffering.

        in addition, the rabbi of my Orthodox synagogue strongly encouraged the congregation to contribute to the victims in Haiti.

        Furthermore, the Ultra-Orthodox Zaka volunteers from israel proudly desecrated Shabbat in order to attempt to save the Haitian survivors.

        As you can see, i take offense to untrue generalizations that are only useful in causing a Chillul Hashem (a desecration of G-d’s name). There is enough fodder in our community for Chillul Hashem & there is no need to add to it unnecessarily. Speaking of which, i was just watching a sad news item about an Orthodox groom who committed suicide 2 days after his marriage allegedly b/c of sexual abuse from someone in the community, possibly a Rabbi.
        like i said, there are enough Chillulei Hashem out there-no need to add to it.

  2. Scotia and Ainsley’s school had a spelling bee every year that raises money for schools in French speaking Africa and Haiti. This year all the moneys raised from this event will be going to rebuild the schools in Haiti. Scotia is donating $40 of her own money for that event.

    We sat down as a family last night and decided where to donate our money (Oxfam Canada because they’re already there, and they specialize in providing safe drinking water in disaster zones short term, and long term because they have several excellent programs for women and girls).

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    Hadassah, does your school collect for any cause?

  4. The summer program that my son attended (Achva West) sent mass emails with a direct link to donate money to support the victims of the Haiti tragedy

  5. My son’s yeshiva has earmarked all tzedakah raised for the month of February to go to Haiti Relief. It’s a schoolwide project.
    The school is a Modern Orthodox boy’s high school.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts geared towards the Haiti situation. I have made my donations and hope many can follow. Many of us are heartstruck.

  7. ASHAR in Monsey has collected money for the family of its Haitian maintenance man.

  8. Just as an update, I received a notification today by email that a young girl from a Teaneck girl’s high school (Maayanot) has started a website called to raise money for the victims of the tragedy there. I am impressed by this young girl and her desire to help the less fortunate.

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