A mommy of boys rant

We live in Montreal. It gets really cold here outside. Inside our buildings there is tremendous dry heat. Even with a job-lot of moisturizer and Blistex my skin gets dry and my lips get chapped. I moisturize my hands every time I wash them, and before putting on my gloves. I cream my face as often as I can.

My boys’ lips are chapped something awful. I bought them all different kinds of Chapstick but it apparently is not cool to apply it. It’s much better to suffer cracked lips. The little one puts it on, because then he can say he can’t kiss me and that makes him giggle. Gloves? Perish the thought. They will wear them until they are out of my sight line down the street, then stuff them into their pockets, unzip their coats and remove their woolly warm hats. God forbid they show up at school warm and snuggly. Their hands are in desperate need of intensive moisturizer. Squiggy will put cream on at night, because the dry skin bothers his fingers when playing DS or turning book pages, but that’s only when it gets really bad. I even bought non-scented moisturizer so they can’t complain I only have girlie stuff.

Apparently “real men don’t use moisturizer and Chapstick”. So sayeth the teens. Well, kiddoes, I have news for you. I am married to a REAL MAN and he takes care of his skin and his lips. He makes sure his hands are not rough, and that his lips stay soft and moist. (Mmmmmm). I think he is all the more manly for it.

There is nothing tough about being cold and having lips so cracked that they bleed. There is nothing “cool” about having fingers turn blue and feeling like sandpaper. There is nothing manly about wondering whether circulation will ever return to you fingers. There is nothing masculine about complaining to mommy dearest that the skin on your  knuckles are all cracked and you have no idea why. The cure for that, dear heart? Moisturizer. Lotion. Gloves.

Sigh. Will they ever learn??

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3 responses to “A mommy of boys rant

  1. hey, when i was a kid & my parents would beg me to wear a hat b/c it’s cold outside (in montreal!) i would always resist b/c i didn’t wanna mess up my hair! oy, teenagers, teenagers…

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    Hadassah, maybe a humidifier would help.

  3. Yes, boys and young men are nuts. My parents still remind me that I used to go out barefoot in shorts into the snow to get the paper in the morning. And my dad just reminded me a few days ago (when it was cold down here) of how I would go out to work on the car with a friend in the dead of winter in shorts and a T-shirt.

    So you are absolutely correct, boys grow up to be young men, then they eventually grow up to be men. Most of them anyway 🙂

    I still don’t put stuff on my body except for sunscreen (dermatologists have scared the bejezus out of me already), and very rarely will use some lip balm while traveling in dry places.

    I also avoid putting stuff into my body other than food unless under clear doctors orders, and orders that I clearly understand. Yes, I use over-the-counter medications VERY rarely (maybe once or twice a year). I’m strange that way 🙂

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