Immigration Update

My KoD rocks. I am so blessed to be his wife. He has spent hours upon hours trying to get someone / anyone to pay him some attention and help us out with our immigration time line. The onus of these calls was all on him as he is the American who is sponsoring us. (Plus I am apt to get highly emotional and sometimes that gets in the way). We were told that this Haiti earthquake took priority, which I understand, and we have to be…..all together now…..PATIENT. Finally with his dialing finger about to fall off he reached someone who not only was able to help but actively wanted to. Someone helpful in government? Must be KoD’s charm.

Montreal is so popular especially with people applying to move to the USA. Yep. That’s why we are so darn delayed. Too many people going through the Montreal consulate. We have been told that it’s likely that we won’t have the visas until the end of March, possibly a little earlier. End of March is Pesach time. It’s another two months away. Another two months being away from our KoD. Another 2 months lost of decent schooling. It means spending our first wedding anniversary apart from each other and possibly my birthday, and my son’s. (It’s on the same day).

But at least we know. At least we now have some idea of the time frame we are dealing with. It has been sheer hell every day wondering will today be the day we get a letter? Will I be writing a rent cheque next month? Do I accept this wedding invitation or commit to going to that barmitzvah? At least we know now more or less what we are dealing with.

I am going to try to look at this as good news. Yes. Silver lining. Mmmhmm.

And btw KoD – you are totally awesome. Thanks for working so hard for us all. We love you. Counting the days till I see you again.

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7 responses to “Immigration Update

  1. end of march is when I defend my dissertation, so to me it seems waaay too soon.

    good luck, i know how frustrating this must be, but at least you have a little more info! I can’t believe it takes over a year for a spouse to immigrate to the US!

    • if i lived in Vancouver we’d probably have been in USA legally for months already….their consulate is not busy at all 😦

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    AE, maybe it’s more complicated cause there are kids involved.

  3. this is quite cynical but if you were an illegal alien, you would have a much easier time get legal status – how sad. Good luck

  4. Hang in there! I know it’s a hassle waiting until Pesach for the news, but it will still be worth it when it happens.

    KoD–way to go! At least it seems that the deadlock is about to break.

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